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Businesses - Southwest Madison County (IL)

Granite City / Pontoon Beach / Madison / Venice

Port Authority River's Edge

  • The Charles Melvin Price Support Center, a former U.S. Army base, was decommissioned May 1. Now the 852-acre site is being reborn as the $52-million River's Edge office, industrial, commercial and residential development. The Army declared the base excess property in 1998. It is west of Route 3 near Lock and Dam No. 27 on the Chain of Rocks Canal, about 1.5 miles north of the McKinley Bridge. Portions of the site are in Venice, Madison, Granite City and unincorporated Madison County.
  • Some military offices -- Army, Marines, Coast Guard, Army Reserve and others -- are still there. A proposed $18 million dollar meeting and conference center would be used by the Army Reserves two weekends a month and would be a joint-use facility with state-of-the-art classrooms, an auditorium, assembly hall, kitchen facilities and other space. Housing for military families will still be available.
  • The River's Edge Golf Course will open June 1 as a nine-hole, public course. A day-care center with capacity for 50 children is expected to open this summer. An auditorium with seating for 200 and 152 housing units also are part of the plans. Heating and cooling systems will be remodeled in some buildings for office and service center space for businesses.

Tri-City Regional Port District (Granite City)

  • 10/12 FCC Application for 151.910 Repeater with 159.9450 input (NFM) for freight transportation.


Abengoa Bioenergy of Illinois (Madison)

  • WQKT654 is now a YG trunked system with 452.8, 461.6625, 462.05 (462.05 is R16 on Warner StL)
    • Note this is not known to be in use at this time (3/22/10)
461.8625  WQKT654  RM  Plant Ops  11K/7K
462.1625  WQKT654  RM  Plant Ops  11K/7K
463.6375  WQKT654  RM  Plant Ops  11K/7K
464.4375  WQKT654  RM  Plant Ops  11K/7K

CenPro Services (Madison)

461.9625  M  WQKM826  Plant Renovation Contractor  11K
466.9625  M  WQKM826  Plant Renovation Contractor  11K
466.9125  M  WQKM826  Plant Renovation Contractor  11K
464.5375  M  WQKM826  Plant Renovation Contractor (Itinerant) 11K
469.5375  M  WQKM826  Plant Renovation Contractor (Itinerant)  11K

Magnesium Electron North America (1001 College - Madison)

  • WNKU398 153.26 Base/Mobiles/Pagers (11K)
  • WNKU398 8/12 add Mobiles on 151.985, 151.73, 159.66, 159.51, 160.08 (11K)


  • Becker Iron & Metal 463.2375 Mobiles (Metal Recycling 11K at Venice) WPQA611
  • Becker Iron & Metal 463.3125 Mobiles (Metal Recycling 11K at Venice) WPQA611
  • Cooper B Line 452.625 Repeater (Highland) WPRK321
  • Ed Moran Construction 153.005 Repeater with 158.685 input (11K Cottage Hills) WQBF365

Heidtman Steel Products (Granite City)

  • WNVT743 72.4 Mobile 8K digital, Mobiles on 463.425, 461.975, 4672.05, 461.575, 464.35 (7/11K)



Terminal Railroad Association (Venice)

  • KF6787 Mobiles 160.29, 160.5, 160.65, 160.845, 161.31, 161.535
  • KD34700 Mobiles 161.1, 161.16
  • KBO807 Base/Mobile 160.425
  • WPRF816 Bases on 160.23, 160.41, 160.425, 160.44, 160.47, 160.5, 160.59, 160.65, 160.77, 160.8, 160.89, 160.92, 160.92, 161.1, 161.16, 161.19, 161.28, 161.31, 161.37, 161.55
  • WZY323 Base/Repeater 160.845

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