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Cherokee National Forest

The Cherokee National Forest is located in Eastern Tennessee and stretches from Chattanooga to Bristol along the North Carolina border. The 640,000-acre forest is the largest tract of public land in Tennessee. It lies in the heart of the Southern Appalachian mountain range, one of the world's most diverse areas. These mountains are home to more than 20,000 species of plants and animals. Each year millions of people visit Tennessee's Cherokee National Forest. It is a place of scenic beauty that provides opportunities for anyone interested in nature and history.


District Map

CNF New.jpg

  • The northern portion of the Forest (north of Great Smoky Mountains National Park) has two Ranger Districts: Nolichuckey & Watauga
  • The southern portion of the Forest (south of Great Smoky Mountains National Park) has two Ranger Districts: Tellico & Ocoee


Repeater Output Repeater InputTone OutTone InDivisionRepeater
169.8750164.8250103.5 146.2 North Holston Mtn (Carter Co)
169.8750164.8250103.5 110.9 North White Rock (Carter Co)
169.8750164.8250103.5 100.0 North English Mtn (Cocke Co)
169.8750164.8250103.5 123.0 North Cross Mtn (Johnson Co)
169.8750164.8250103.5 136.5 North Unknown Tower ?
169.8750164.8250103.5 156.7 North Greystone Mtn (Greene Co)
169.8750164.8250103.5 167.9 North Pinnacle Mtn (Unicoi Co)
169.8750Simplex103.5 103.5 North Direct
168.0250172.4000123.0 146.2 Law Enforcement Holston Mtn (Carter Co)
168.0250172.4000123.0 167.9 Law Enforcement Pinnacle Mtn (Unicoi Co)
168.0250172.4000123.0 186.2 Law Enforcement Unknown Tower ?
168.0250172.4000123.0 136.5 Law Enforcement Unknown Tower ?
168.0250Simplex123.0 123.0 Law Enforcement Direct
169.9250166.6750103.5 123.0 South Unknown Tower ?
169.9250166.6750103.5 131.8 South Wauchessi Mtn (Monroe Co)
169.9250166.6750103.5 136.5 South Oswald Dome (Polk Co)
169.9250166.6750103.5 110.9 South Cold Springs Knob (Sevier Co)
169.9250166.6750103.5 114.8 South Sassafras Mtn (Anderson Co)
169.9250166.6750103.5 103.5 South Starr Mtn (McMinn Co)
169.9250Simplex103.5 103.5 South Direct
170.5000168.7500123.0  ??? Fire Unknown ?
169.9000SimplexCSQ CSQ USFS Fireground (Confirmed)
168.6500Simplex110.9 110.9 USFS Flight Following*
168.6250Simplex110.9 110.9 USFS Air Guard**
168.5500Simplex??? USFS ICS Callup / Smoke Jumpers***
172.6000Simplex??? USFS Air Safety
168.0500Simplex??? NIFC Tac 1 ****
168.2000Simplex??? NIFC Tac 2 ****
168.2500Simplex??? USFS Fire Tac
168.6000Simplex??? NIFC Tac 3 ****
167.1375Simplex??? USFS Fire Tac
166.7250Simplex??? USFS Fire Tac
166.7750Simplex??? USFS Fire Tac
168.3500SimplexCSQ National Govt All Call
163.1000SimplexCSQ National Govt All Call (w/ 168.350)
164.1500SimplexCSQ Air to Ground (Confirmed Use)
166.6750SimplexCSQ NIFC Air Tactics 1 (FM Air to Air)****
169.1500SimplexCSQ NIFC Air Tactics 2 (FM Air to Air)****
169.2000SimplexCSQ NIFC Air Tactics 3 (FM Air to Air)****
170.0000SimplexCSQ NIFC Air Tactics 4 (FM Air to Air)****
122.9750SimplexAM Air Traffic
123.9750SimplexAM Air Tanker Base Air to Ground Contact
123.0250SimplexAM Helo Calling

* 168.650 is the national flight following frequency. In addition to flight following, this frequency is used for general administration of air traffic but is never used for ground-to-ground communications.

** 168.625 is the common air guard frequency and is always the last channel of all NIRSC radios. This frequency is used for air-to-air initial contact, emergency ground-to-air communications and initial call, recall and redirection.

*** 168.550 is the ICS Calling Frequency. SmokeJumpers are also using it as the primary frequency for air-to-ground operations between the spotter and the jumpers on the ground. If there is "silk in the air" the jump operation will be operating on this frequency.

**** NIFC is the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, Idaho. These frequencies, along with many more used for tactical, command, logistical and aviation purposes are available for use on all wildland fire incidents in the United States where the federal government has a role. Although commonly known as "NIFC" or "Nif Cee" frequencies, they are actually part of the National Incident Radio Support Cache, a large cache of portable repeaters and handheld radios kept in key locations around the country. The frequencies are sometimes referred to as "NIRSC frequencies."

Unit Numbers

2HX - North Division Spotter Helicopter Bell 407 (Elizabethton Airport)

6HE - North Division Spotter Helicopter Bell 407 (Greeneville Airport)


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