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Cuyahoga Valley Region Cuyahoga County (OH)

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Fire / EMS Dispatching & Pager Tones

, the term "MABAS" used below is a local-reference to local mutual aid, and is not related to the multi-state MABAS headquartered in Illinois.

Department Station number Dispatched By Frequency A Tone Duration B Tone Duration
Cuyahoga Heights (WQGI686) 20 Self 154.3850
Valley View (WPXZ504) 30 Cuyahoga Heights 154.3850
Brooklyn Heights (KDT419) 40 Cuyahoga Heights 154.3850
Newburgh Heights (WQBG844) 50 Self 154.3850
Independence (KNDN887) 1, 90 Self 154.3850
Broadview Heights† (KNBG481) 1970, 1980 Self GCRCN † 903.2 8 sec
Seven Hills (WNYC880) 1 Self 154.3850 637.5 8 sec
Brecksville (KDL890) 140, 150 Self 154.3850
IMABAS Regional Alert n/a CECOMS 154.2800 1743.0 3 sec 1036.0 1 sec
IMABAS All Call n/a CECOMS 154.2800 615.8 3 sec 2807.0 1 sec

† Broadview Hts Fire is dispatching on GCRCN TG 56696 and ops on TG 56693.

Law Enforcement

Department (base) Unit numbers Frequency Dispatched By
Brecksville 18xx 151.370 Self
Broadview Heights Badge # GCRCN Self
Brooklyn Heights 23xx 151.340 Cuyahoga Heights
Cuyahoga Heights 29xx 151.340 Self
Independence 39xx 155.775 Self
Newburg Heights (943) 51xx 151.340 Self
Seven Hills 66xx 159.210 Self
Valley View 73xx 151.340 Cuyahoga Heights

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