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Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (VA)

Codes/Units/Station Lists

State Park Unit Numbers

State Parks operate "legacy" radio systems at each park which predate the STARS system. These legacy systems utilize base, mobile, and portable radios, and in a few instances repeaters.

In most cases the main office of each park is outfitted with a base station which is monitored during regular business hours for the park. The callsigns for these locations are typically the park name or an abbreviation of the park name and the number designation of "100." For example Pocahontas State Park's office is "P O 100." Additional staff would use the same prefix and sequential number. The numbering system varies from site to site. As most users of the system are "casual" radio users, and because the legacy radios are not unified across the state, users may often forego the prefix and simply use the numbers.

The callsign for the State Park Police Conservation Officers is the prefix "C R" and ones badge number. This CR Number is used on both the legacy system and for law enforcement communications on the STARS and SIRS radio systems. Officers using locality radio systems may use their CR Numbers or a unit number assigned by the locality.

Because the CR Number is based on one's badge number it does not represent ones rank, title, or location.

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