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Futronics UHF Connect Plus (OH-MI) Site Research


Active frequencies for we which do not know the proper LCN

Futronics UHF Connect Plus (Ohio)
008     Detroit         463.5875
012     Berlin Hgts     463.9875
021     Akron           464.0250

Frequencies listed above have been verified as being active / valid frequencies for that particular site. However, we do not know the LCN associated with these particular frequencies. If you are savvy and are able to determine the LCNs associated with these frequencies, please submit your confirmed data using the Submit button under this trunked system in the database.

Sites with Questionable Locations

182-21  451.0375        WQTS515 -- probably Wickliffe (Lake)
                        WQQT306 -- in database as Akron (Summit)
182-23  454.1250                -- probably Berlin (Holmes)
182-24  454.3500                -- probably Nashville (Holmes)
182-32  461.8625        WPPF795 -- probably Huntsburg (Geauga)
                        WNST491 -- could be Napoleon (Henry) or Wauseon (Fulton)
                        WQJR726 -- could be Gibsonburg (Sandusky)

Additional Sites with unknown locations

East Ohio / WPA / WV Panhandle Sites
(All known frequencies for these sites)
OK  182-96      454.35		LCN: 1  DCC: 1	WPVF582-WHG WPVF599-PGH
OK  182-96	454.100		LCN: 2  DCC: 1	WPZG335-WHG

OK  182-97      454.525		LCN: 1  DCC: 1	WPZG341-WHG WQDT725-PGH
OK  182-97      462.125         LCN: 2  DCC: 1  ??
OK  182-97	454.54375	LCN:    DCC: 1	WPZG343-WHG

    182-98	454.025		LCN:		WPVF578-WHG WPVF595-PGH
OK  182-98      454.05		LCN: 1  DCC: 1  WPVF579-WHG WPVF596-PGH

OK  182-99      454.025         LCN:            WPVF578-WHG WPVF595-PGH
    182-99	454.175		LCN:		WPVF580-WHG WPVF597-PGH KDS430
    182-99	454.125 	LCN:		WPZG336-WHG WQDT726-PGH

182-99 is either on Archer Heights between Weirton/Follansbee or on an AEP tower on Alikanna hill. Probably Archer Heights.

182-97 can be heard regularly from East Rochester and is somewhere E / ESE of East Rochester.

All the sites are within the Wheeling and Pittsburgh market areas it seems, with the exception of Site 97 which may be in AKR-CAN market area.

Unknown Talkgroups

350002    Hancock Co (WV) Ambulance Service
350005    Believed to be Lenzner Tour / CoachRide out of PA
350006    Hancock Co (WV) Schools

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