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Humboldt County (CA)

Humboldt County Fire Apparatus Numbering System

The Fire Services of Humboldt County utilize a county-wide apparatus numbering system. Humboldt County has been divided into five (5) geographical areas; Southern Humboldt County (5xxx series numbers), Middle Eel River/Mattole River Valleys (6xxx series numbers), Lower Eel River/Van Duzen River Valleys (7xxx series numbers), Humboldt Bay Area (8xxx series numbers) and Northern/Northeastern Humboldt County (9xxx series numbers).

Southern Humboldt numbering: 50xx - Southern Humboldt Rescue, 51xx - Shelter Cove, 52xx - Palo Verde, 53xx - Whitethorn, 54xx - Beginnings, 55xx - Telegraph Ridge, 56xx - Neilsen Ranch, 57xx - Garberville, 58xx - Redway, 59xx - Whale Gulch

Middle Eel River/Mattole River numbering: 60xx - Miranda, 61xx - Salmon Creek, 62xx - Fruitland, 63xx - Phillipsville, 64xx - Prosper Ridge, 65xx - Honeydew, 66xx - Petrolia, 67xx - Redcrest, 68xx - Weott, 69xx - Myers Flat

Lower Eel River/Van Duzen River numbering: 70xx - Scotia, 71xx - Rio Dell, 72xx - Carlotta, 73xx - Ferndale, 74xx - Fortuna, 75xx - Loleta, 76xx - Bridgeville, 77xx - unassigned, 78xx - unassigned, 79xx - unassigned

Humboldt Bay Area numbering: 80xx - unassigned, 81xx - Humboldt Fire Dist #1 AND Eureka Fire, 82xx - Arcata, 83xx - (assigned to Eureka but they're using the 81xx series), 84xx - Westhaven, 85xx - Blue Lake, 86xx - Samoa, 87xx - Fieldbrook, 88xx - Korbel, 89xx - Kneeland

Northern/Northeastern Humboldt numbering: 90xx - Orick, 91xx - Big Lagoon, 92xx - Willow Creek, 93xx - Maple Creek, 94xx - Trinidad, 95xx - Hoopa (Wildland), 96xx - Hoopa (Volunteers), 97xx - Orleans, 98xx - Yurok, 99xx - unassigned

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