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Loading WS1080 Firmware to a PRO-668


This is NOT an official procedure, endorsed, sanctioned or recommended by RadioShack, Whistler, RadioReference, its Officers, Administrators and Moderators: we do NOT endorse this procedure or any firmware modifications or use thereof, of any kind, used in this process, in any manner or all manners, including but not limited to: responsibility for repairing a non-operative scanner.

The User assumes ALL responsibility when utilizing this procedure, including the possibility, however remote, of rendering your scanner partially or fully inoperative. This process will likely void any warranty.

Bottom line, You are on your own, if something goes wrong.

This procedure page is presented here as Informational Only.

Loading WS1080 Firmware to a Radio Shack PRO-668, Pro-18 or GRE PSR-800

Whistler Official Upgrade

If you are considering doing this - note that, currently, Whistler Official Upgrade Program to turn a standard and/or hacked version of the PRO-668, PSR-800 or PRO-18 to be essentially a WS-1080. The scanner will then, work exactly like a WS-1080, with current and continued-forward Whistler EZ-Scan Software support as well as from Whistler Repair & Support. For additional details, please see our wiki page Whistler Official Upgrade or on their website. This will give all features and new editions as well as updates and improvements to the 3 previous mentioned models; We, as a community, can wholeheartedly support and endorse this procedure.


Using CPU 4.6 & DSP 3.1 together with setting the date to after June 01 2017, will cause the hacked version of the Pro-668, PSR-800 and/or Pro-18 product(s) to be LOCKED. In this state, the DMR decode will be CANCELED. In addition, it will be unable to accept a Downgrade/Restore to the OEM and/or other WS1080 Firmware versions.

If your scanner has been LOCKED, the Whistler Official Upgrade (WOU) program is the only solution to unlock your scanner. Note: the WOU will cost more for a LOCKED scanner due to the needed replacement of the daughter circuit board, which, includes the EEPROM and Bootload, the CPU, as well as the DSP.

How do i know if it's LOCKED?
  • Check by Manually Programming DMR and hearing decode/intelligible transmissions
  • or
  • Turn Scanner while it's loading (after power button is hit, while the Whistler Splash screen is displayed) holding MENU until you see the "Bootloader CPU DSP version screen", if it's DSP 4.6 and CPU 3.1 with the date set to after June 01, 2017, you are locked (press Menu to return to normal screen).
  • Or in GREFwTool try to apply older WS1080 or OEM firmware.


The following assumes you already have installed the appropriate PRO-668, PSR-800 or PRO-18 COMport Drivers and HAVE THEM WORKING.

  • You can check by trying to set the Clock via RS iScan/GRE EZ-scan. If you can't set the Clock then the Driver is either not installed or corrupt. You cannot proceed to do the Upgrade until this is fixed. To fix it: Uninstall (and delete) then Reinstall correct the COMport driver.
  • Driver for the PSR-800 can be found here
  • Driver for the PRO-668 can be found
  1. A version of Whistler's WS1080 EZScan software w DSP 3.0 - at least ver from May 2016 with DSP Version 3.0, must be installed. A newer version can be download HERE ensure DSP is older 3.1, do NOT attempt upgrade Whistler CPU here or ever again
  2. You must have the WS1080 Driver. It can be found HERE
  3. If you want to Update Firmware to version 4.6;
    1. Obtain (do not download via GREFWtool or EZScan) firmware WS1080e_U4.6 bin with a file size of 368340 bytes. Do NOT use the file that is 524292 bytes as it will not install. Both files have the same name, so pay attention to the size of the file. See the Dropbox links below
    2. Install GREFwTool version If you already have version, you don't need to upgrade it. (Note: the version numbers are at the bottom of the page).
  4. If you wish to use firmware ws1080 ver 4.5, obtain it from the dropbox link (below) and install GREFwTool ver
  5. You may use firmware version 3.8 with version 0.3.x.x of GREFwTool
  6. Always archive your data before proceeding.


  1. Take the batteries out of your scanner and unplug USB to scanner.
  2. Press and hold the Menu button while inserting the USB cable (one end already plugged into the computer).
  3. Once plugged in, let go of the Menu button. Wait for the beep from your computer; it could take up-to, seriously, 30 seconds for Device Manager to recognize the Scanner.
  1. Start GREFwTool
  2. In GREFwTool go to Settings and press Rescan. The COM port should be filled in.
  3. For Scanner Type use the pulldown to select the scanner you are using (i.e. Pro-668). For Firmware use the pulldown to select scanner to become (i.e Pro-668)
  4. Download Firmware for correct scanner type and save & keep original firmware in a File Folder, do Not change the name of the .bin firmware file.
  5. Use the Disconnect Icon in tool, Then to proceed to Firmware Hack
  6. Select the Connect To Scanner icon
  7. For Scanner Type use the pulldown to select the scanner you are using (i.e. Pro-668). For Firmware use the pulldown to select what you want the scanner to become (i.e Pro-668)
  8. Select the Connect To Scanner icon, the "Update Firmware in Scanner should become available.
  9. Select the Update Firmware in Scanner icon. Locate the downloaded CPU firmware bin file and select the desired firmware. It will install and you should see a percentage of completion bar. The scanner will shut down when done.
  10. If you don't already have it, install the WS1080 driver
  11. Go into Whistler's EZScan Handheld Digital (not IScan or GRE EZ-Scan) go to "Configure Proxy Service" and check "Enable Proxy Server Support" set the Proxy Server as an erroneous web address like
  12. In Whistler EZScan go to "Configure Auto Updates," uncheck box for "Enable Auto Update Checks" and never check for CPU updates, possibly DSP updates ever again.
  13. In Whistler EZScan via the cable or card reader restoring from archive or transfers database if needed.
  14. Then Copy Configuration to Scanner Memory/SD Card *Whistler EZScan should already automatically load the DSP onto card, without software ever making contact with Whistler website
  15. Turn your scanner on, if it loads fine (the Whistler splash screen) and works, put the batteries in....
  16. Reconnent scanner to PC & Whistler EZScan uncheck "Enable Proxy Server Support", do any "Library Updates", "Library Imports" or "PC Application" and never check for CPU updates, and possibly DSP updates, or allow "Enable Auto Updates Check"s to ever happen again.

Additonal Links:

Firmware versions on Dropbox Account

There are three versions that work in the unofficial procedure:


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