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Pasadena, CA Tournament of Roses

Scanner information for the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl Game held every year on January 1st.

Tournament of Roses Parade Frequencies

Public Safety:

Pasadena Police - New TRS for 2012:
Interagency Communications Interoperability System (ICIS): Project 25

Note: Pasadena PD using full-time encryption

Pasadena Police - Old Conventional Frequencies:

Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
482.33750  485.33750   WIJ442   RM  118.8 PL  PAS ACCESS Pasadena Access    Interop 
482.43750  485.43750   WIJ442   RM  94.8 PL  PAS PD2 Special Event Tac    Law Tac 
482.53750  485.53750   WIJ442   RM  151.4 PL  PAS PD3 Special Event Tac    Law Tac 
482.63750  485.63750   WIJ442   RM  82.5 PL  PAS PD4 Special Event Tac    Law Tac 
453.95000  458.95000   KMF241   RM  162.2 PL  PAS PW Public Works    Public Works 
506.20000  509.20000   WIL549   RM  162.2 PL  PAS PD Special Event Tac    Law Tac 
153.65000      KMA767   BM  162.2 PL  PAS PW Water and Power    Public Works 
118.57500      CSQ   BM    PAS PDA Police Helicopter Base    Aircraft 
158.82000      KMM517   BM  162.2 PL  PAS Trash Trash and Recycling    Public Works 
460.11250      WQPX829   CSQ  Mirador Res Telm Mirador Reservoir Telemtry    Data 

Rose Bowl Game Frequencies

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