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Peoria County Illinois ETSB (P25)

Public Trunked Radio System

NamePeoria County Illinois ETSB (P25)
OwnerPeoria County
Owner TypePublic
CountryUnited States

System Details
Band800 MHz
TypeProject 25 Phase I

FCC Callsign(s)
WQQI605, WQRH858, WQRK752

Possible Other Callsigns Not Listed in DB
WQRL559, WQRK752

System-specific links
DatabaseFCC Site Map
ForumRR Site Map

Other Resources

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Welcome to the Peoria County Illinois ETSB (P25) collaboration article, a Multi-County Public Trunked Radio System located in Peoria Counties, Illinois, United States.
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System Information

The Peoria County Emergency Telephone System Board P25 Radio System is a thirteen channel, eleven-site, 800 MHz Harris P25ip Simulcast system. There are 700 MHz frequencies licensed for use, but not as simulcast channels. The new ETSB microwave system connects the eleven sites and four PSAPs.

Bartonville Fire, Bartonville Police, Logan-Trivoli Fire, the Peoria County Courthouse, and Peoria Heights Police were the initial users of the system during a period of extensive testing. The Peoria County Sheriff's Police (except for the jail) migrated to the new system at 6:00 on May 27, 2015. Akron-Princeville Ambulance, Akron-Princville Fire, Brimfield Fire, B-Y-E Ambulance, Dunlap Fire, Elmwood Fire, Limestone Fire, Peoria Heights Fire, Timber-Hollis Fire, Tuscarora Fire, and West Peoria Fire moved to the new system on June 3. That group's pagers are on 154.370. Some of the alerting tones have changed. Some of the transmitters on 154.370 were moved and/or combined to be accessible by the microwave system.

Chillicothe City Fire and Chillicothe Community Fire have moved to the new system. Their pagers remain on 154.325; however, the tone plan has been updated.

The Peoria City Police Department switched to the new system at 7:00 a.m. June 16. The Peoria City Fire Department moved to the new system at 7:00 June 23. Other miscellaneous agencies will start being added to the system July 15, 2015. Everbody is now on the new TRS. There will be Elite Interop Talkgroups added to the system also. City Public Works that still needs to go on the system are as followers:

Princeville Public Works

Peoria Public Works

These are TBD.

Talkgroup sequences:

TG #s User
65xxx Console Patches. 2 talkgroups patched together. SAID Talkgroups. These talkgroups are not the actual talkgroups are just from the dispatch console.
14xx Peoria County Fire - Paging.
15xx Peoria County Fire - Paging.
99xx Audio Test Talkgroups.
6xx Peoria County ESDA . Confirmed 6/15. Confirmed again in 3/16.
10xx Peoria International Airport.
92x Peoria, East Peoria City Govnt Common.
90x Peoria Co, Tazewell Co Govnt Common.
7xx Peoria County-City Public Works
20x Incident TG
21x tarcom21 Patches
55x AMT Ambulance
Woodford Co Sheriff (Future) *Note: Just asked to join the system. On Meeting 9/30/15
Woodford Co EMA (Future) Template Appoved
30x Woodford Co Fire (Future) Talkgroup set - Patched at this time.
Peoria Cty Mayor (Future) Template Appoved ***Note: Under Peoria Cty Services catergory.
7xx Peoria Public Works (Future) Template Appoved ***Note: Under Peoria Cty Services catergory.
Peoria Cty Manager (Future) Template Appoved ***Note: Under Peoria Cty Services catergory.
Community Development (Future) Template Appoved ***Note: Under Peoria Cty Services catergor
42x, 43x East Peoria PD, FD (Future) Template Appoved ***Note: Testing is occuring today (12/14/15).
Unity Point Proctor (Future)
Unity Point Methodist (Future)
Peoria Cty OEM (Future) ***Note: Under Peoria Cty Services catergory.
51x Peoria Co Heath Dept (Future) - Radios programmed and handed out. Doing Radio Training.
OSF (Future) Ordered three radios. To test with. (XG-15P).
Army CST (Future)
7xx Princeville PW Radios Programmed. Unknown TG at this time.
Evonik (Future) Template finished - Sent to Supreme
29x Fulton Co Fire (Patched at this time)
52x Courthouse Security
Citilink - (Request bid to go to the system) Need P25 Radios
Tazewell County Sheriffs Office *Note: Only for Interop purposes for Peoria City Prep 1 and 1 and Shrf 1

Here are some of the talk groups for the system:

   215  CntyAll  All radios have this talk group
   250  FireAll  County fire departments' access to dispatch
   700  PW All   Common talk group for all public works departments on system
   400  Law All  Common talk group for all law enforcement on system
   251  Amber    County fireground
   252  Bronze   County fireground
   253  Chrome   County fireground
   254  Diamond  County fireground
   255  Emerald  County fireground
   256  Flint    County fireground
   257  Green    County fireground
   262  AKPR F1  Akron-Princeville Fire District F1
   267  BTVL F1  Bartonville Fire F1
   272  BRIM F1  Brimfield Fire District F1
   278  CHLI F1  Chillicothe Fire F1
   285  DNLP F1  Dunlap Fire District F1
   292  ELMW F1  Elmwood Fire Department F1
   302  AGRD F1  Illinois Air National Guard Fire at Greater Peoria Airport
   308  LMST F1  Limestone Township Fire District F1
   314  LGTR F1  Logan-Trivoli Fire District F1
   333  PHTS F1  Peoria Heights Fire Department F1
   339  TMBR F1  Timber-Hollis Fire District F1
   342  TUSC F1  Tuscarora Fire District F1 
   345  WPEO F1  West Peoria Fire District F1
   401  B PREP1  Bartonville PD F1
   411  Brdley1  Bradley University PD F1
   412  Brdley2  Bradley University PD F2
   413  Chl PD1  Chillicothe PD F1
   451  PREP 1   Peoria PD F1 Dispatch
   452  PREP 2   Peoria PD F2
   453  PREP 3   Peoria PD F3
   454  PREP 4   Peoria PD F4
   455  PREP 5   Peoria PD F5
   456           Peoria PD F6
   457           Peoria PD F7
   458 Traffic   Peoria PD Traffic
   464           Peoria PD F9
   460           Peoria PD
   321  PEOR F1  Peoria City Fire Department F1
   322  PEOR F2  Peoria City Fire Department F2
   323  PEOR F2  Peoria City Fire Department F3
   324  PEOR F2  Peoria City Fire Department F4
   325  PEOR F2  Peoria City Fire Department F5
   326  PEOR F2  Peoria City Fire Department F6
   327  PEOR F2  Peoria City Fire Department F7
   501  Shrf F1  Peoria County Sheriff F1
   502  Shrf F2  Peoria County Sheriff F2
   503  Shrf F3  Peoria County Sheriff F3
   504  Shrf F4  Peoria County Sheriff F4
   505  Shrf F5  Peoria County Sheriff F5
   506  Shrf F6  Peoria County Sheriff F6
   507  Shrf F7  Peoria County Sheriff F7 
   509  Shrf F9  Peoria County Sheriff F9
   512  Shrf F10  Peoria County Sheriff F10
   515  Shrf F11  Peoria County Sheriff F11
   535  ParkPD1  Peoria Park District Police F1
   538  Hts PD1  Peoria Heights Police F1
   550  EMS All  Common talk group for all EMS providers on the system
   561  APA 1    Akron-Princeville Ambulance F1
   564  BYE 1    Brimfield-Yates City-Elmwood Ambulance F1
   614  PC ESDA  Peoria Co ESDA F1
   615  PC ESDA  Peoria Co ESDA F2
   604  PC ESDA  Peoria Co ESDA F3
   605  PC ESDA  Peoria Co ESDA F4
   1001 PIA_F1   Peoria International Airport Public Works F-1
   1034 PIA_F2   Peoria International Airport Public Works F-2
   711  PeoPW_F1 Peoria Public Works Road Maintance (Patched to EDACS System) 

   Fulton County Talkgroups:
   295 FultFD_F1 Fulton County FD - Patched

   This talkgroup will be used in the future. Its patched for now. 

   Woodford County (Woodcomm) Talkgroups:
   304  WoodcomFD  Woodford County Fire - Patched 

   This talkgroup will be used in the future. Its patched for now.

Scanner Settings


The following were submitted as suggested Pro96 settings for monitoring the system.
BASE Freq: 851.0000
Spacing: 12.5 KHz
3600bps: Normal
9600bps: Table

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