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descDate Name User Size Description Versions
16:11, 13 March (file)Nd5y9 KB (Contains Google Earth .kml map of fire stations in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Denton and Rockwall counties.)22
16:56, 12 March 2017NJICS_Site_Map.png (file)W2sjw470 KB (Addition of site 39 - Long Branch)12
00:40, 12 March 2017Trx1.jpg (file)Ronaldski98 KB 1
00:29, 12 March 2017Untitled_1.jpg (file)Ronaldski86 KB 2
00:27, 9 March 2017IllinoisDOT_Starcom21TalkgroupMap.jpg (file)Cubn1.2 MB (added Pittsfield and Quincy)18
00:15, 9 March 2017IowaDOTRepeaters.jpg (file)Cubn1.66 MB (Map of Repeaters and NACs for Iowa DOT)1
23:29, 8 March 2017IL_County_Sheriff_Dispatch_frequencies_map.jpg (file)Cubn491 KB (Changed McDonough to 453.4375 DMR)50
08:07, 28 January 2017CSP_Troops.PNG (file)Spitfire85201.77 MB (Changed resolution for thumbnail rendering.)4
22:55, 26 January (file)Spdfile1405 KB (CSX Winter Haven Defect Detector)1
22:53, 26 January (file)Spdfile1389 KB (CSX West Frostproof Defect Detector)1
22:52, 26 January (file)Spdfile1421 KB (CSX Sebring Defect Detector)1
18:50, 2 January 2017WS1098.jpg (file)N9jig24 KB (Whistler WS1098 Scanner)2
18:39, 2 January 2017WS1088_large.jpg (file)N9jig13 KB (Whistler WS1088 scanner)1
00:26, 28 December (file)Spdfile1399 KB (CSX Cornwell Defect Detector Recording)1
14:19, 17 December 2016MHF50_Traffic_Waterfall.JPG (file)Ka3jjz136 KB (33 Tone modem used by South Africa sending traffic)1
20:33, 7 December (file)Spdfile1460 KB (CSX Sherman Defect Detector)1
20:32, 7 December (file)Spdfile1447 KB (CSX Indiantown Defect Detector)1
20:31, 7 December (file)Spdfile1297 KB (CSX Delta Defect Detector)1
18:08, 28 November (file)Spdfile1254 KB (SFRTA Summit Defect Detector Track 2)1
18:07, 28 November (file)Spdfile1200 KB (SFRTA Summit Defect Detector Track 1)1
18:06, 28 November (file)Spdfile1228 KB (SFRTA Yamato Defect Detector Track 2)1
18:05, 28 November (file)Spdfile1230 KB (SFRTA Yamato Defect Detector Track 1)1
17:26, 27 November (file)Spdfile1149 KB (CSX P&A Sub Defect Detector)1
17:25, 27 November (file)Spdfile1153 KB (CSX P&A Sub MP 722.6 Defect Detector)1
23:46, 9 November 2016TTPD_Beat_Map.jpg (file)KF5DPR174 KB (Texarkana Texas Police Department Beat Map)1
22:19, 8 November (file)Spdfile1260 KB (Oakland Park,FL Detector)1
22:17, 8 November (file)Spdfile1226 KB (Oakland Park, FL Detector)1
21:12, 25 October (file)Spdfile1165 KB (CSX (Conrail) Bigelow Defect Detector)1
21:11, 25 October (file)Spdfile1157 KB (CSX (Conrail) Evans Mills Defect Detector)1
21:10, 25 October (file)Spdfile1139 KB (CSX (Conrail) Richland Defect Detector)1
21:05, 25 October (file)Spdfile1108 KB (CSX (Conrail) Woodard Detector ("not working"))1
21:04, 25 October (file)Spdfile1143 KB (CSX (Conrail) Woodard Defect Detector)1
21:00, 25 October (file)Spdfile1160 KB (CSX (Conrail) Pittsford Defect Detector)1
20:52, 25 October (file)Spdfile1114 KB (Conrail CP DRAW Defect Detector)1
20:50, 25 October (file)Spdfile1105 KB (Conrail CP-437 Defect Detector)1
20:45, 25 October (file)Spdfile1104 KB (CSX (Conrail) Lancaster Defect Detector being tested)1
20:44, 25 October (file)Spdfile1158 KB (CSX (Conrail) Lancaster Defect Detector)1
20:39, 25 October (file)Spdfile1148 KB (CSX Batavia Defect Detector)1
20:38, 25 October (file)Spdfile1167 KB (CSX (Conrail) Batavia Defect Detector)1
20:33, 25 October (file)Spdfile1189 KB (CSX (Conrail) Churchville Defect Detector)1
20:30, 25 October (file)Spdfile1134 KB (CSX (Conrail) Coldwater Defect Detector)1
20:27, 25 October (file)Spdfile1151 KB (CSX (Conrail) Brighton Defect Detector)1
20:23, 25 October (file)Spdfile1171 KB (CSX (Conrail) East Palmyra Defect Detector)1
20:20, 25 October (file)Spdfile1142 KB (CSX (Conrail) Lyons Defect Detector)1
20:16, 25 October (file)Spdfile1154 KB (CSX (Conrail) Savannah Defect Detector)1
20:03, 25 October (file)Spdfile1136 KB (CSX (Conrail) Centerport Trk. 2 Detector w/Amtrak)1
20:02, 25 October (file)Spdfile1132 KB (CSX (Conrail) Centerport Trk. 1 Defect Detector)1
19:56, 25 October (file)Spdfile1156 KB (CSX (Conrail) Memphis Defect Detector)1
19:51, 25 October (file)Spdfile1136 KB (CSX (Conrail) Syracuse Defect Detector)1
19:41, 25 October (file)Spdfile1152 KB (CSX (Conrail) Kirkville Trk. 1 Defect Detector)1

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