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Town of Tonawanda (NY)

Tonawanda Fire


Chiefs are Car 9 like the rest of the county.


Ellwood Fire District No. 1
	Engines 1,2,3
	Utility 4
	Rescue 5
	Ladder 6

Kenilworth Fire Company No.2
	Engines 1,2,3
	Rescue 7

River Road Fire Company No.3
	Engines 1,2

Sheridan Park Fire Company No.4  (2)
	Attack 1
	Engines 2,3,4,5
	Ladder 6
	Rescue 7

Brighton Fire District No.5  (3)
	Rescue 1
	Engines 2,3,4,5,6
	Ladder 1

Kenmore Volunteer Fire Department
	Engines 1,2,3
	Ladder 6
	Rescues 7,7-1


Kenmore Fire Department is the only FD within Tonawanda Fire Control to
respond on EMS calls. 
Kenmore has Rescue 7, a light duty rescue, and Rescue 7-1 a non 
transporting ambulance/rescue.
Kenmore Fire operates at BLS Level. 
All EMS calls within the Town are handled by the TTPD and the Paramedic Unit.
FD's in the town are only called when extrication is needed from an MVC.


District 1 is the industrial area of the town close to the waterfront. 
Included in this area are 
the GM Powertrain Plant, Dupont Chemical Plant, Dunlop Factory, 
Huntley Power Plant, and a dozen other companies. 
Each month, different companies are selected as "prime" companies 
for on-scene command purposes.
All town companies respond to District 1 Alarms also.


44: Town of Tonawanda Paramedic Unit
47: Town of Tonawanda Paramedic Unit
49: Town of Tonawanda Paramedic Unit (Supervisor)
PATROL: Town of Tonawanda Police
KPD: Village Police
HAMER 7: Brighton Fire District Hazmat Unit
NORMAL TRAFFIC: No lights and sirens
CODE 1: No lights and sirens
CODE 2: Lights and sirens
B-1: Town of Tonawanda Building

Tonawanda Law Enforcement


1-3  west Patrol
4-6  east Patrol
30   Juvenile Detective
31   RADAR Enforcement Unit
32   Traffic Signal Truck
33   Community Policing
40   Traffic Bureau Commander
41   unmarked
42   Truck Enforcement
43   spare patrol
44   primary Paramedic
45   spare patrol
46   spare patrol
47   backup Paramedic
48   Service Bureau Commander
49   Paramedic Supervisor
50   Animal Control
51   east backup
52   west backup
53   east Lieutenant
54   west Lieutenant
55   Patrol Commander
56   Detective
57   Detective
58   Narcotics
59   Detective Lieutenant
60   Crime Resistance Unit
61   Records & Communications Commander
62   Detective Bureau Commander
63   Records & Communications Supervisor
64   Detective
65   Detective
66   Records Officer
70   Range Officer
72   SWAT Commander
75   Supervising Dispatcher
77   west Community Policing Unit
78   east Community Policing Unit
83   Assistant Chief - Support Bureau
84   Assistant Chief - Patrol & Detectives
85   Chief
90   Town Supervisor
K-9  K-9 unit

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