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Southridge Mall (Greendale)

Southridge Mall is one of the larger malls, besides Mayfair in the Milwaukee area. Although most of the radio traffic are on their 2 Milwaukee Trunked Radio talkgroups, alot of traffic still goes on with the old UHF frequencies.



Southridge uses 2 UHF frequencies in addition to the MCTRS talkgroups


464.325, input 469.325; 107.2 PL is the security. This Frequency was originally used for all mall security before the TRS. Now, this frequency is just for the store anchors. About every 10-20 minutes when someone keys up their radio on this channel, you hear morse code, which is the station license identification. The security repeater is 10 times more powerful than the Housekeeping repeater, you can pick it up easier than the other frequency. Store names are in code, which will be identified in the next section.


464.775, input 469.775; 94.8 PL is the Housekeeping & Miscellaneous use channel. Most of the traffic on this channel is in Spanish since the cleaning staff is mostly Hispanic. They, although do speak English when they receive calls from the dispatcher. This frequency is also for the snow removal people during winter, they do speak english, so you can hear what they are saying. This repeater is less powerful than the Security frequency.

Store Identification

The stores are usually referred by codes by the dispatcher & the stores themselves. The stores occasionally say who is speaking & who the person they are talking to are.


550 is JC Penny. Their radios have a store operations channel also. The Identified Loss Prevention officers are Kathy & Judy.


560 is currently unused. Steve & Barry's are the last known user of this ID. Younkers, before they moved out, originally had this ID number. Macy's will eventually take over this ID once they move in


570 is Boston Store. There are 3 other sub-codes for Boston Store: 571, 572, 573. Security is Channel 2 on their radios. Clannel one is their in store operations frequency. Identified Loss Prevention officers are Ann, Laurie, and Jermaine.


580 is Sears. In addition to their frequency, they have security on their radios also as channel 2. Identified Loss Prevention Officers are Bob & Brian.


590 is Kohls. This frequency is Channel 2 on their radios. Identified Loss Prevention Officers are Debbie, John & Joe. John is identified as the one with the really deep voice, Joe is identified by being the only other male.

Greendale Squad 120 & 220

Greendale Police maintain a few UHF radios that are programmed to the security frequency. On certain days, Greendale 120 or 220 will be on the radio to assist security & the store anchors with security issues & retail thefts.

Mobile Units & 900 numbers

On occasion, the mobile units will be on UHF instead of the trunking system. The reason is unknown, probably to assist with retail thefts. Additionally, some security officers will use the old UHF channel. Security officers are identified with numbers in the 900 range, an example, officer 912 is occasionally heard on the UHF Channel. 900 is Randy Pruss, the security director.


Dispatch is mainly referred to as "Dispatch", "Southridge", or "Southridge Security. There are about 5 different dispatchers. The head dispatcher is a woman, the others are men. The dispatcher handles the 2 UHF frequencies & the TRS frequencies.

Radio Talk

Calling Tendencies

The usual procedure when making a call to dispatch is: The caller states their ID number (*** to dispatch), dispatch will respond "go ahead". Then the caller will talk to the dispatcher, usually giving very, very detailed descriptions of suspects. Dispatch will do 1 or both of these things, send an officer (Mall Cop) or watch them very closely. The caller will sometimes thank dispatch for their help.


When Dispatch says they have visual, they are saying they are watching the suspects very closely. They notify the anchors via radio when they enter their store. the store takes over watching them & notify dispatch when they leave.

Making a stop

Every so often, a store has enough evidence that the suspects shoplifted. When they go after the suspect, they are "making a stop". They then detain the suspects. Sometimes it gets risky & they have to ask dispatch for a mall cop to assist. Mall cops are only called to assist if the situation is risky or the person is acting violent.


Sometimes a store gets sick of a person or group's repeated shoplifting or bad behavior. They ask dispatch to issue a ban from the property on them. Dispatch musf first check with their supervisor & mall management before banning. Once the ban is accepted, dispatch will notify the store & then eject the subjects from the property. Officers are automatically called in if the band subjects come back before their banishment is up.

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