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Boone County (MO)

(University of Missouri Health Care (Columbia))
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==Schools and Colleges==
==Schools and Colleges==
===Booneville R1 School District===
*4/12 FCC Application 0005183249 for Booneville High School
**Mobiles on 159.51, 159.57, 159.795, 160.155 (11K)
===Columbia Public School District===
===Columbia Public School District===
*Jefferson Junior High School - WPKE366  154.54, 157.62 Portables
*Jefferson Junior High School - WPKE366  154.54, 157.62 Portables

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Boone County

Boone County Sheriff's Department

  • County Website
  • Boone County and Columbia city have a joint dispatch center.
  • Units heard: "Columbia Command"

Rural Police: Columbia, Centralia, Hallsville, Sturgeon, Ashland

Boone County Fire Protection District

Southern Boone County Fire Protection District (Ashland)




  • Police Beat Map (Updated 5/21/11)
  • 155.475 Joint Communications Repeater (Columbia,Howard Co,Ashland,Stugeon,Hallsville)
  • WQNC847 - 854.9625 Repeater-Wideband for Law Ops

Columbia Water & Lights

  • WPGV963 153.5 Repeater with 159.54 input (Stephen Station)
  • KAH344 153.71 Repeater with 158.175 input (McBaine-Water Treatment Plant;Power Plant-Columbia)
  • WQBJ544 - Water Data on 452.3125, 456.3125, 456.4375, 456.5125

Public Water Suppy District #9 of Boone County

  • WNQD395 153.425 Base/Mobile; WPTZ747 172.35 Mobiles

Public Water Suppy District #1 of Boone County

  • KVW985 153.635 Base/Mobile; 451.175 FX2; 456.175 FX1
  • KNHP565 173.9625 Fixed Data af 4 Locations
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.19000  154.01000   KDJ485   RM  94.8 PL  ColumbiaFire Fire: Dispatch [Ch 1]  FMN  Fire Dispatch 
154.75500      WXP405   BM  94.8 PL  Col Police 2 Police: Traffic Stops [Ch 2]  FMN  Law Tac 
158.82000  153.75500   KDB530   RM  94.8 PL  Col Transit Transit System: Buses  FMN  Transportation 
156.15000      KAB278   94.8 PL  Col Police 3 Police: Car-to-Car / Detectives [Ch 3]  FMN  Law Tac 
453.42500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-1 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
453.92500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-2 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
460.52500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-4 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
460.12500      WQDU239     Col PD RF-3 Remote Link - Columbia (for 155.745R)  FMN  Law Talk 
155.62500      WPCP681   BM    Col Airport Airport  FMN  Public Works 
159.09000  153.93500   WPJM695   RM  186.2 PL  Col Courthse Court Marshals [Ch 5] (Low Power Repeater)  FMN  Corrections 
159.16500      WPJQ921   BM    BooneInterop Police: City/County Interop (not in use?)  FMN  Deprecated 
453.87500  458.87500   WNUX994   RM    Col PL Watr1 Power and Light - Water (Store Room)  FMN  Public Works 
153.81500      WPOY898     Col PL Watr2 Power and Light - Water Dept  FMN  Public Works 
155.74500  156.06000   WNBF553   RM  94.8 PL  Col JCIC2 F6 Police: Interoperability (JCIC 2) [Ch 6]  FMN  Law Talk 


Boone Hospital Medical Center (Columbia)

  • Website
  • KB75336 461.025 Repeater; 464.575 Portables
  • WNYW805 462.75 Base/pagers for Hospital/Clinics

Columbia Regional Hospital

Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital

University of Missouri Health Care (Columbia)

Frequency  License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
154.96500  KNGS417   BM  192.8 PL  Staff 4 Life Staff-for-Life Helicopter (ARCH)  FMN  EMS Dispatch 
155.23500  WXK693   BM  141.3 PL  UMC Hosp ER Emergency Room  FMN  Business 
153.96500  KNGS417     UMC Hosp 1 Operations  FMN  Business 
155.26500  WXK693   BM  94.8 PL  UMC EMS EMS: Dispatch  FMN  EMS Dispatch 

001 (1) Shurz Hall855.212500 856.212500 857.212500 858.212500 859.212500c 859.937500c 860.212500


Schools and Colleges

Booneville R1 School District

  • 4/12 FCC Application 0005183249 for Booneville High School
    • Mobiles on 159.51, 159.57, 159.795, 160.155 (11K)

Columbia Public School District

  • Jefferson Junior High School - WPKE366 154.54, 157.62 Portables
  • Oakland Junior High School - WPLF269 157.56
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
155.28000      WPLP245   BM  223 DPL  FS Bus Col B First Student: Buses [No Longer in use?]  FMN  Deprecated 
151.62500      WQUE673     CPSC S/W Op1 Extracurricular Competitions (Statewide Itinerant)  FMN  Schools 
464.50000      WQUE673     CPSC S/W Op2 Extracurricular Competitions (Statewide Itinerant)  FMN  Schools 
461.17500  466.17500   WQAF663   RM  311 DPL  Hckmn HS Ops David H. Hickman High School [Expired 3/13]  FMN  Schools 
151.92500  159.84000   WQUE673   RM    RkBrdg HiSch Rock Bridge High School  FMN  Schools 
451.35000      WPBW774     ColumbSchOp5 Operations  FMN  Schools 
451.50000      WPBW774     ColumbSchOp4 Operations  FMN  Schools 
451.72500      WPBW774     ColumbSchOp3 Operations  FMN  Schools 
461.28750      WPBW774     ColumbSchOp2 Operations  FMN  Schools 
462.05000      WPBW774     ColumbSchOp1 Operations  FMN  Schools 
462.15000      WPBW774     ColumbSchOp6 Operations  FMN  Schools 
152.39750  157.65750   WQPE235   RM    FS Bus Col A First Student: Buses [In use 10/13]  FMN  Schools 

First Student

Hallsville R4 School District

Harrisburg R8 Schools

  • WPFC939 151.775 Base/Mobile

Southern Boone County R1 School District (Ashland)

  • WNIH736 461.85 Repeater

Sturgeon R5 School District

University of Missouri (Columbia)

Stadium/Events / Mizzou

  • 11/11 Stadium Expansion/Conference Link
  • WQOK708 - U of MO Football Program at Mizzou Athletic Complex: 157.74 Base/Pagers
  • WQCZ958 Event Management on 451.1625, 461.0375, 461.0625, 461.1125, 461.1375 (4-1wt)
  • WPGE377 151.865 for Stadium/Athletics [Canceled 1/12]
  • KGM210 152.99 Base/Mobile for Management Services [Canceled]
  • KM8540 466.825 10-110wt mobiles for Management Services [Canceled]
  • KRD821 461.825 Repeater at Medical Center-Stadium; 461.875 Base/Mobile at Hearne Center

Miscellaneous Ops

  • WQBH593 Utility Meter Reading on 467.2125, 467.3125, 467.4125 - 4000-2wt Digital
  • WNWR910 154.45625 Fixed Water Data
  • KSD969 152.35 Base/mobile for Veterinary Clinic Control
  • WPDI421 464.975 Base/mobile for Student Activites at the Brady Commons
  • WPBR727 464.925 Portables at Reasearch Reactor at Mizzou Sprots Park
  • KJA765 151.835 Base/mobile at Bamess Svc???
  • WPEK819 151.865 Base/Mobile - Security at Ellis Library [Canceled 1/12]
  • WPEZ626 453.375 Repeater for Student Health Center
  • WNDE719 - 464.475 Repeater; 464.775 Repeater at Hearne Center
  • WNDE719 - 464.375, 464.475, 464.775 Base/mobile/Pagers at Power Plant and Emergency Management Office
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
467.90000      WQDA498   131 DPL  UMC Events 5 Event Management (heard unloading freight, turning truck around
at loading dock) 
FMN  Schools 
467.76250      WQDA498     UMC Events 1 Event Management  FMN  Schools 
467.81250      WQDA498     UMC Events 2 Event Management  FMN  Schools 
467.85000      WQDA498     UMC Events 3 Event Management  FMN  Schools 
467.87500      WQDA498     UMC Events 4 Event Management  FMN  Schools 
467.92500      WQDA498     UMC Events 6 Event Management  FMN  Schools 
855.71250  810.71250   KNNR259   RM    UMC Sec BUC1 UMC Security Back Up, Conventional  FM  Security 
856.26250  811.26250   KNNR259   RM    UMC Sec BUC2 UMC Security Back Up, Conventional  FM  Security 

001 (1) Arl Simulcast 852.562500 853.262500 854.812500 855.137500 856.487500 856.712500c 857.487500 857.712500c
    858.487500 858.712500c 859.487500 859.712500c 860.487500 860.712500c    


Missouri State

Finger Lakes State Park

  • Website
  • Located just north of Columbia on Highway 63.
Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
151.31000  KAD775   BM  FingerLakeSP DNR: Finger Lakes Base  FMN  Law Tac 

Related Links

Fire Tone-Outs

Staff For Life Helicopter
Tone A446.5 Hz
Tone B379.0 Hz

EMS - 155.265MHz FM
UnitTone ATone B
All Units-------401.8
Medic 111381.0401.8
Medic 131446.3401.8
Medic 151321.8399.8
Medic 211401.8381.0
Medic 221432.0390.0
Medic 231446.0381.0

Boone County Fire - 154.430 MHz FM
UnitTone ATone B
All Units - BCFPD581.0353.0
All Units - SBCFPD528.0478.0
Station 5581.0975.0
Station 6578.91080.9

Unit IDs

Columbia Police Department
  • Patrol units are numbered 1xx, 2xx, 3xx, and 4xx. First number refers to the officer's shift and the last two digits correspond to the beat.
  • Supervisors are number 8xx.
  • A-x (A-1 through A-4) are the Streets Crime Unit.
  • B-x (B-1 through B-6) are units assigned to downtown.
  • C-xx, (C-56 through C-59) are CSAs 'Community Service Aids' for non injury accidents, traffic control, parking violations and such.
  • D-xx are CPD detectives.
  • K-x, (K-2 and K-3) are K-9 units, they only have two right now
  • T-x, (T-1 through T-6) are traffic units. T-5 and T-6 are DUI enforcement and are usually on evenings and overnight.
  • SR-x, (SR-1 through SR-8) are School Resource Officers assigned to Columbia Public Schools
Boone County Sheriff's Department
  • 5xx are assigned to the Sheriff's Department. There is no apparent pattern to the unit numbers.
  • 9xx are used for warrant round up every couple of months they go out for the night and pick up people with a warrant and are also used for special events like the Boone County Fair.
  • D-5x are Sheriff's Department detectives
  • J-6x (J-60 and J-61) are prisoner transports. Make frequent trips between the county jail and the Columbia Police Department.
  • SR-5x are Sheriff's Department School Resource Officers assigned to schools in Ashland and Hallsville
Other Departments

Other city police departments in Boone County using Columbia Joint Communications:

  • Ashland Police Department: 601 - 606
  • Hallsville Police Department: 631 - 634
  • Sturgeon Police Department: 660 - 661
  • Code-7 just means that CPD officer is out for lunch
  • 10-12 either the dispatcher is asking the officer if subject can hear the radio, or officer is in route somewhere with someone not in custody
  • 10-15 subject in custody in route to police or sheriff department
  • 10-99 subject has warrant


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