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Door County (WI)

(Fire and EMS)
(Fire/EMR Pager Tones)
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<td>Sister Bay Liberty Grove EMR</td>

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Welcome to the Door County Wisconsin collaboration article. This is where you, the user, may index any articles you develop for scanning related topics for your area.


Unit Numbering

Law Enforcement

1xx           Door County Sheriff's Department
  100         Sheriff
  101         Chief Deputy
  102         Field Services Lt.
  103         Jail Lt.
  104         1st Shift Patrol Sgt.
  105         2nd Shift Patrol Sgt.
  106         3rd Shift Patrol Sgt.
  107-109     Jail Sgts.
  11X-13X     Patrol Deputies
  15x-16x     Auxilary/Reserve
2xx           Sturgeon Bay Police Department
  20X's-21X's Patrol Officers
  222         Chief
  223         Captain
  224         Lieutenant
  225         1st Shift Patrol Sgt.
  226         2nd Shift Patrol Sgt.
  227         3rd Shift Patrol Sgt.
  228         Investigations Sgt. ???
  229         School Resource Officer ???
  23X's       Support Staff (Clerks/Dispatchers)
  24X's       Community Service Officers (CSO's)
  25X's       Auxilary CSO's
  201 & 221   Retired Badge Numbers
3xx           Wisconsin State Patrol Troopers (MCE units are 33xx)
4xx           Door County Sheriff Jail Deputies/Staff
5xx           Door County Sheriff Detectives
  500         Detective Sgt.
  501-505     Detectives
6xx           Ambulances/First Responders
8xx           Village Police
  801-802     Washington Island Police
  826-827     Town of Gibraltar PD
  832-833     Baileys Harbor PD
Cxxx          DNR Conservation Wardens (C-170 is main warden in Door County)
Rxxx          DNR Park Rangers

Fire and EMS

Baileys Harbor FD
B.U.G. FD (Brussels/Union/Gardner)
Egg Harbor FD
Ephraim FD
Gibraltar FD
Jacksonport FD
Sister Bay-Liberty Grove FD
Southern Door FD (Forestville/Maplewood)
Sturgeon Bay FD
Washington Island FD

DOOR COUNTY EMS (has 4 stations throughout county)
610 Ambulance (Backup at Washington Island station)
620 Ambulance (Backup at Sturgeon Bay station)
630 Ambulance (at Washington Island station)
640 Ambulance (Backup at Sister Bay station)
650 Ambulance (at Sturgeon Bay station)
660 Ambulance (Backup at Sturgeon Bay station)
670 Ambulance (at Brussels station)
680 Ambulance (at Sister Bay station)

Baileys Harbor FRG
Brussels-Union EMR
Egg Harbor FRG
Gardner FRG
Gibraltar EMR
Jacksonport FRG
Sevastopol FRG
Sister Bay-Liberty Grove FRG
Southern Door FRG (Forestville/Maplewood)
Sturgeon Bay FRG
Washington Island FRG

Fire/EMR Pager Tones

Egg Harbor EMR 687.8 766.4
Sister Bay Liberty Grove EMR 600.9 746.9


                Sheriff1  Sheriff2  Fire1     Fire2     EMS1      EMS2
Input           159.4050  159.3450  153.7400  153.7775  158.9550  158.9550
Baileys Harbor  151.1900            154.3400            155.7750
Brussels        151.1900  155.5650  154.3400  156.2175  155.7750  154.7250
Carlsville      151.1900  155.5200  154.3400  155.6325  155.7750
Ellison Bay     151.1900  154.8750  154.3400  154.1525  155.7750  155.8800
Fish Creek      151.1900            154.3400
Foresville      151.1900  155.5650  154.3400            155.7750  154.7250
Sturgeon Bay    151.1900  154.7850  154.3400  151.0250            155.0550
Union           151.1900  155.5650  154.3400            155.7750  154.7250
Wash Island     151.1900                                155.7750

155.3100 Baileys Harbor
156.1650 Baileys Harbor
155.5500 Forestville
156.2325 Forestville
151.3850 Union
155.9325 Union
151.0550 Washington Island
155.0400 Washington Island
155.9025 Washington Island

Wisconsin DNR

C #'s Conservation Officers
C170 is the main Conservation Officer for Door County (heard on DRSO and DNR channels)

Peninsula State Park
151.400 (PL 146.2): KFR625 base, KA4273 mobile (unit numbers are in the 50's)

Potawatomi State Park
151.400 (PL 146.2): KVQ609 base, KA4273 mobile (unit numbers are in the 80's)

Whitefish Dunes State Park
151.400 (PL 146.2): WNWG768 base, KA4273 mobile (unit numbers are in the 120's)

10-Codes and 11-Codes

Mainly APCO 10-codes, except:
10-30 ???
10-35 Licensed Premise (Bar) Check
10-49 Summons
10-54 Field Sobriety Test
10-83 Traffic Stop
10-88 Suicidal Person

DRSO also uses 11-Codes
11-43 Out Of Car
11-44 Back In Car

Door County Sheriff Patrol Sections

Section/Zone 1 North
Section/Zone 2 Central
Section/Zone 3 South

Sturgeon Bay PD Patrol Sectors

Sector 1 East Side
Sector 2 West Side

Marine Radio Users

WASHINGTON ISLAND FERRY LINE (Car ferries from Northport to Washington Island)
KXS352  Base Station, Detroit Harbor, Washington Island
WAC7605 Washington
WDB4363 Arni J. Richter
WSY4945 Robert Noble
WY9827  Eyrarbakki
WDG7199 Karfi (Passenger ferry from Washington Island to Rock Island)

VOIGHT'S MARINE SERVICE (Passenger ferries from Gill's Rock to Washington Island)
WDB8100 Yankee Clipper
WDE5389 Island Clipper

WDE5663/WDE8692 Harbor Lady (Harbor Lady Cruises)
WCZ9417 Fred A. Busse (Sturgeon Bay Fireboat Tours)

KUZ436 Michigan St. Bridge
WHG815 Bayview Bridge (Highways 42 & 57)

KIZ712  Ephraim Yacht Harbor, Ephraim
WHG506  Sturgeon Bay Marine Center, Sturgeon Bay
WHU284  Sister Bay Marina, Sister Bay
WHV279  Harbor Club Marina, Sturgeon Bay
WPUJ777 Shipyard Island Marina, Washington Island
WPVC464 South Shore Pier, Ephraim
WPXS792 Bailey's Harbor Town Marina, Bailey's Harbor
WQZ203  Quarter Deck Marina, Strugeon Bay
WXZ527  Anderson/Firehouse Marinas, Ephraim

KGW425 Roen Salvage Company, Sturgeon Bay
KYG475 Island Outpost, Washington Island
WXZ253 Selvick Marine Towing Corp, Sturgeon Bay

06A 156.30000 Intership Safety/Occasional Coast Guard broadcasts
07A 156.35000
08A 156.40000
09A 156.45000 Calling/Standby
10A 156.50000 Common marina/drawbridge channel
11A 156.55000 Common marina/drawbridge channel
12A 156.60000 Common marina/drawbridge channel
13A 156.65000 Bridge to Bridge
14A 156.70000 Chit-chat
16  156.80000 DISTRESS/SAFETY
18A 156.90000
19A 156.95000
21A 157.05000 COAST GUARD Search & Rescue
22A 157.10000 COAST GUARD broadcasts/comms with civilian ships 
23A 157.15000 COAST GUARD OPS
67A 156.37500 Chit-chat
68A 156.42500 Chit-chat
69A 156.47500 Chit-chat
70A 156.52500 Digital Selective Calling (DSC)
71A 156.57500 Chit-Chat
72A 156.62500
78A 156.92500
79A 156.97500 Chit-Chat
82A 157.12500 Army Corps of Engineers

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