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==HF Wire Loops==
==HF Wire Loops==
* [ AS-SAL-30 Mark II Shared Apex Loop Array]
* [ Loop Antennas (wikipedia)]
* [ Loop Antennas (wikipedia)]
* [ H5ANX Mk4 Delta Loop Design (EHam)]
* [ H5ANX Mk4 Delta Loop Design (EHam)]

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The idea of constructing loops for receiving radio signals is almost as old as the industry itself. Always popular with MW DXers, HF loops have gradually been gaining acceptance. Although signal nulling with such loops is always a difficult challenge, their lower noise characteristics are a big plus for folks in noisy environments, such as condos or apartments. Smaller loops almost always need some sort of amplification and/or matching. If you are building a loop outdoors, Safety First. Make this link a must read. Don't become a statistic!


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HF Wire Loops

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