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McLean County (IL)

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*[ ISU PD - Report Blotter Index]     
*[ ISU PD - Report Blotter Index]     
*[ McLean County EMA - McLean County Emergency Management Agency]     
*[ McLean County EMA - McLean County Emergency Management Agency]     
*[ Scanner Audio - McLean County live scanner audio]  
*[ Scanner Audio - McLean County live scanner audio]
[[Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation McLean County (IL)]]
[[Airports_McLean_County_(IL)|KBMI Central IL Regional Airport]]
[[Airports_McLean_County_(IL)|KBMI Central IL Regional Airport]]

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Radio Identifiers and Terminology

IJIS (pronounced E-jus) - countywide integrated justice information system, a database including information about crimes and criminals in the McLean County area

McLean County EMA personel
CD-## (CD-1 is EMA Director CD-2 is Deputy Director, etc).
101 Lexington
1201 Chenoa
1601 Gridley
201 Colfax
2401 Cooksville ESDA
301 Leroy
3401 Arrowsmith
401 Village of McLean
4301 Heyworth
4601 Stanford
5301 Towanda
7401 Hudson
7601 Danvers
Mac 1, Mac 2, Mac 4, Mac 6 are EMA Operations vehicles. Mac Base is the garage which they are based out of.

Bloomington PD Radio ID's
Adam - Patrol Units
Baker - Secondary/Detailed units
Eagle - Emergency Response/SWAT
Frank - Field Training Officers
Ida - Detectives
K9 - Canine
Lincoln - Lieutenant 
Paul - Proactive Units
Robert - School Resource Officer
Sam - Sergeants
Tom - Traffic
Victor - Vice
Zebra - ?? unknown specialized units
700s - BPD working for the Parks and Rec

IPS - Intensive Probation Services

Rural Fire Departments Unit IDs
Arrowsmith 180s
Bellflower 160s
Bloomington Twp 50s, 500s
Carlock 110s
Chenoa 80s
Dale Twp 140s
Danvers 120s, 1200s
Downs 30s, 300s
Elsworth 190s
Gridley 90s
Hudson 100s
Lexington 70s
Randolph Twp 40s
Towanda 60s, 600s

Bloomington Fire heard on 154.16
--Engine 7
--Radar 6?

Illinois State University
ISU Radio Codes
106 = ?vehicle unlock
108 - Building checks, unlock building, etc.
110 = Parking tickets, illegally parked vehicle
208 = Meal/break
209 = ?bathroom break
211 - Delivering money from/to bank

ISU PD Terminology

  • "check for affiliation" - see if the subject is a University student

McLean Co EMS Units (Three-Nora)
3N11 Clinton Ambulance (DeWitt County)
3N12 Farmer City (DeWitt County)
3N13 Normal Fire Dept.
3N14 Lifeline
3N15 Clinton Ambulance (DeWitt County)
3N16 Bloomington Fire Dept.
3N17 Bloomington Fire Dept.
3N18 Saybrook Ambulance
3N19 Farmer City (DeWitt County)
3N20 Gridley
3N21 Normal fire Dept.
3N22 Heyworth
3N23 Normal Fire Dept.
3N25 Chenoa
3N26 Lifeline
3N27 Gridley
3N28 Gridley
3N29 Farmer City (DeWitt County)
3N30 Lexington
3N31 Heyworth
3N32 Clinton (DeWitt County)
3N33 Leroy
3N34 Lifeline
3N35 Lifeline
3N36 Leroy
3N37 Stanford
3N38 Leroy
3N40 Danvers
3N43 Lifeline
3N44 Colfax
3N48 Lifeline
3N49 Lifeline
3N50 Towanda
3N51 Bloomington Fire
3N53 Bloomington Fire
3N54 Mobile Command Vehicle
3N55 Carlock
3N56 Mobile Command Vehicle
3N60 Downs Ambulance
3N61 Bloomington Township
3N64 Village of McLean Ambulance
3N65 Bloomington Ambulance
3N68 Normal Rescue
3N69 Towanda Ambulance
3N70 Normal Fire "Chase 70"
3N74 Downs Ambulance
3N102 Bloomington Ambulance

Starcom21 in McLean County

  • The majority of the talkgroups listed for McLean County will always be carried on Site 229 so if you are in range of that site, it's the best one to monitor. On the rural sites listed below, you will usually hear the McLean County Sheriff Dispatch TG, but Normal PD/FD, Bloomington PD, and ISU PD are generally only heard on Site 229

Starcom21 - Site 229 (Normal) frequencies:

029 (1D) Normal852.875000 853.400000c 854.287500 856.762500c 857.762500a 858.762500 859.762500

Starcom21 - Site 202 (Leroy) frequencies:

002 (2) LeRoy851.350000 851.875000c 854.612500a 858.937500 859.937500a

Starcom21 - Site 231 (Congerville) frequencies:

031 (1F) Congerville851.325000 851.850000c 852.900000a 853.452000 854.037500 858.237500 859.237500

Starcom21 - Site 207 (Pontiac) frequencies:

007 (7) Pontiac851.487500 851.962500a 852.325000c 852.850000a 855.712500 856.712500 857.312500 857.712500

McLean County Starcom21 Talkgroups:

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description
4025  fb9  ISU Police 1  Illinois State University Police - Ch 1 Dispatch 
4026  fba  ISU Police 2  Illinois State University Police - Ch 2 Alternate/Events 
4027  fbb  ISU Police 3  Illinois State University Police - Ops 3 
4028  fbc  ISU Police 4  Illinois State University Police - Ops 4 
30350  768e  McL Law Tac1  Law Tac 1/Patches 
30351  768f  McL Law Tac2  Law Tac 2/Patches 
30352  7690  McL Law Tac3  Law Tac 3/Patches 
30353  7691  McL Law Tac4  Law Tac 4/Patches (Redbird EMS) 
30354  7692  McL Law Tac5  Law Tac 5/Patches 
30355  7693  McL Law Tac6  Law Tac 6/Patches 
30356  7694  McL LECommon  Law Enforcement Common 
30357  7695  McL Law M/A  Law Enforcement Mutual Aid (Weather reports) 
30358  7696  McL Law Rural  Sheriff / Rural Municipalities Dispatch 
30359  7697  McL Sherff 3  Sheriff Channel 3 
30360  7698  McL Sherff 4  Sheriff Channel 4/Courthouse Security 
30361  7699  McL Shrf CID  Sheriff CID 
30362  769a  McLShrf c2c5  Sheriff Channel 5 - Car-to-Car 
30365  769d  METCOM  METCOM Staff/Admin 
30377  76a9  McL JvDetCtr  Juvenile Detention Center 
30379  76ab  McL Rural Fire  Rural Fire Response (Dale Twp and Townada) 
30392  76b8  McL Rural FirePG  Rural Fire Paging (Simulcast of 156.210) 

Unconfirmed Information

Please verify if the following are in use and submit confirmed information to the database.

School District Frequencies

151.77500  	    	WQKI719  	M 		Blm Sch Ops2 	Operations (w/ MOTOTRBO)  	FMN  	Schools 
151.83500  	    	WQKI719  	M 		Blm Sch Ops3 	Operations (w/ MOTOTRBO)  	FMN  	Schools 
151.92500  	    	WQKI719  	M 		Blm Sch Ops4 	Operations (w/ MOTOTRBO)  	FMN  	Schools 
152.88500  	    	WQKI719  	M 		Blm Sch Ops5 	Operations (w/ MOTOTRBO)  	FMN  	Schools 
152.97500  	    	WQKI719  	M 		Blm Sch Ops6 	Operations (w/ MOTOTRBO)  	FMN  	Schools 
452.10000  	WPRJ738  	M 	 	Heyworth Community Unit School District #4 Operations  	FM  	Schools 
452.62500  	WPRJ738  	M 		Heyworth Community Unit School District #4 Operations  	FM  	Schools 
452.80000  	WPRJ738  	M 		Heyworth Community Unit School District #4 Operations  	FM  	Schools 
451.30000  	    	WPSF572  	F 		Olym Sch RF1 	Olympia School District: Remote Link  	FM  	Schools 
452.80000  	    	WPSF572  	F 		Olym Sch RF2 	Olympia School District: Remote Link  	FM  	Schools 


Trunked Systems

A Beep LLC - 2.5 mi NE of Gridley (McLean) WPKT450

Notes: LTR 15 sec clicks have been heard on 461.575. These were noted faintly in Bloomington-Normal, but also heard north of Pontiac leading evidence that this frequency is a part of an ABEEP LTR Standard system in Gridley.


Trunked systems - additional/unconfirmed info:


Businesses, Railroads, Media, Attractions and Recreation McLean County (IL)


KBMI Central IL Regional Airport


462.125R 94.8 PL  unidentified, heard northern McLean county (6/08)
462.1375 (CSQ) heard fast LTR clicks (Idle-Bursts) at mile marker 171 I-55 (6/08), no licensed TRS's in the area. (can no longer hear at mile-marker 140)
464.975 (CSQ) heard LTR Idle-bursts at mile marker 158, no licensed TRS's in the area. (6/08)
158.235 (CSQ) data heard near Shirley, no area licenses

Also see the Forum Thread: "What info are you trying to identify in Bloomington-Normal"

Easter Seals UCP (Hudson)

Scanner_____Text xxx.xxxxx RM  FCCCall Name(City)
EasterSeals Ops1 456.5875  M   WQLZ597 Childrens Camp Ops
EasterSeals Ops2 457.7625  M   WQLZ597 Childrens Camp Ops
EasterSeals Ops3 457.7875  M   WQLZ597 Childrens Camp Ops
EasterSeals Ops4 457.8375  M   WQLZ597 Childrens Camp Ops
EasterSeals Ops5 457.9875  M   WQLZ597 Childrens Camp Ops

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