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Railroads (OR)

The following are all rail companies with active operations within the State of Oregon, along with reporting marks, railroad class, and related RadioReference database entry.

Railroad Marks Class RRDB Entry
Albany & Eastern Railroad AERC III No
Amtrak AMTK I
Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
161.04000  WPWB988   PDX YD Portland Yard Operations  FMN  Railroad 
160.35000  WPTV877   BM  AMTK PDX STN Portland Station Ops  FMN  Railroad 
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway BNSF I
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
161.10000      WQOM806   BM  BNSF ORTRUNK Oregon Trunk Sub (Cellio Bridge to Chemult)  FMN  Railroad 
161.10000      WQOM806   BM  BNSF GATEWAY Gateway Sub (Bieber Line Jct[UP] to State Line)  FMN  Railroad 
161.25000      KNDP788   BM  BNSF VANCTRM Portland- Vancouver Area  FMN  Railroad 
161.41500      WPDS797   BM  BNSF PASCO W Fallbridge Sub (Washugal WA to SP&S Jct WA)  FMN  Railroad 
161.41500      WPDS797   BNSF LAKE YD Portland Lake Yard Switching  FMN  Railroad 
160.65000      WNAL221   BM  BNSF WLBRGYD Willbridge Yard Operations  FMN  Railroad 
160.99500  160.21500   WPSF971   BNSF Gray MRAS - Local CHannel (AAR 07 - 59)  FMN  Railroad 
160.66500  161.50500   WPSF971   BNSF Red MARS - Channel 3 (AAR 93 - 37)  FMN  Railroad 
160.62000  161.56500   WPSF971   BNSF Blue MRAS - Channel 4 (AAR 97 - 34)  FMN  Railroad 
161.13000  160.54500   WPSF971   BNSF Green MRAS - Channel 5 (AAR 29 - 68)  FMN  Railroad 
161.31000  160.29000   WPSF971   BNSF Orange MRAS - Channel 6 (AAR 12 - 80)  FMN  Railroad 
161.49000  160.24500   WPSF971   BNSF Yellow MRAS - Channel 7 (AAR 09 - 92)  FMN  Railroad 
160.42500  160.93500   WPSF971   BNSF White MRAS - Channel 8 (AAR 55 - 21)  FMN  Railroad 
160.59000  161.46000   WPSF971   BNSF Purple MRAS - Channel 9 (AAR 90 - 32)  FMN  Railroad 
160.26000  161.28000   WPSF971   BNSF Brown MRAS - Channel 10 (AAR 78 - 10)  FMN  Railroad 
Coos Bay Rail Link CBRL III No radio licenses are available at this time. This railroad is currently being rehabilitated, and is expected to be operating at full capacity by September 2011.
City of Prinville Railroad COP III No
Central Oregon & Pacific CORP II
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
160.45500  161.38500   WPZJ382   RM  CORP 23 Medford to Black Butte  FMN  Railroad 
160.23000  160.93500   WPZJ382   RM  CORP 08 Rice Hill to Medford  FMN  Railroad 
160.29000  160.90500   WPZJ382   RM  CORP 12 North Bend to Coquille  FMN  Railroad 
160.44000  161.08500   WPZJ382   RM  CORP 22 Rice Hill to Coos Bay  FMN  Railroad 
Hampton Railway HLSC III See Portland & Western (PNWR)
Idaho Northern & Pacific INPR III No
Klamath Northern Railway KNOR III No
Lake County Railway LRY III No
Mount Hood Railroad MH III No
Oregon Pacific Railroad OPR III
Palouse River & Coulee City PCC III No
Portland & Western Railroad PNWR II
Frequency  Input   
License  Type  Tone  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
160.21500  161.17500   WPCH883   RM  CSQ  PNWR CH2 Westside, Willaminia, Seghers; United Railways West.Of Corn Pass
FMN  Railroad 
160.36500      WPCH883   BM    PNWR YARD PNWR YARD OPS  FMN  Railroad 
160.77000      WPCH883   BM  CSQ  PNWR CH1 Westside, Willaminia, Seghers; United Railways West Of Corn Pass
FMN  Railroad 
160.84500  161.17500   WPCH883   RM    PNWR ROAD 2 PNWR ROAD 2 - Albany, Toledo, Westside  FMN  Railroad 
160.87500      WPCH883   BM    PNWR ROAD 3 PNWR ROAD 3 - Astoria, United Junction  FMN  Railroad 
160.42500  161.38500   WPKY219   BM  251 DPL  PNWR ROAD 4 PNWR ROAD 4 - Tillamook, OE, Willsburg  FMN  Railroad 
160.29750      WQHB885   CSQ  PNWR WES Westside Express Service (WES)/Commuter Rail Yard Operations  FMN  Railroad 
Peninsula Terminal Railroad PT III An active shortline - FCC license expired in 2003 - No known frequencies
Portland Terminal Railroad PTRC III
Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
161.49000  WNMM403   BM  PTRR ROAD PTRR ROAD  FMN  Railroad 
Union Pacific UPRR I
Frequency  License  Type  Alpha Tag  Description  Mode  Tag 
160.51500  KVR724   BM  UP METRO Portland Metro Area  FMN  Railroad 
160.68000  KBZ457   BM  UP SWITCHING Yard Switching (Various - Statewide)  FMN  Railroad 
161.55000  KOM388   BM  UP BROOKLYN Brooklyn Sub (Coalca - Oakridge)  FMN  Railroad 
160.78500  KFR939   BM  UP BLACK BUT Black Butte Sub (Klamath Falls - State Line)  FMN  Railroad 
160.78500  KFR939   BM  UP CASCADE Cascade Sub (Oakridge - Klamath Falls)  FMN  Railroad 
160.57500  WPRL397   BM  MOL ROAD Molalla Road  FMN  Railroad 
161.19000  WPRL397   BM  EPORT ROAD East Portland Road  FMN  Railroad 
161.34000  WPRL397   OPR SWCH Switching  FMN  Railroad 
160.51500  KGU587   BM  UP HUNTINGTO Huntington Sub (Nyssa - Perry)  FMN  Railroad 
160.41000  KGQ288   BM  UP LAGRANDE La Grande Sub (Perry - Hinkle)  FMN  Railroad 
160.41000  KGZ562   BM  UP PORTLAND Portland Sub (Hinkle - Crates)  FMN  Railroad 
160.74000  KGQ288   BM  UP AYER Ayer Sub (Hinkle - State Line)  FMN  Railroad 
160.47000  KOF498   BM  Up Pdx AlYar UP PDXRNDHSE, Albina Yard Roundhouse  FMN  Railroad 
Wallowa Union Railroad WURR III No
Willamette Valley Railway WVR III No
Wyoming & Colorado Railroad WYCO III No

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