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Uniden's portable Racing scanner with Dynamic Memory Architecture.

General Specifications

  • 1600 Channels Typical / 2500 Maximum
  • Scan Rate: 100cps (conventional mode)
  • Compact Design - The Uniden SC230 is designed to be compact for added flexibility and portability.
  • Race Track Operation - Easily program and select the race and drivers you want to listen to
  • Close Callâ„¢ RF Capture Technology - Instantly tunes to signals from nearby transmitters
  • Alpha Tagging* - Makes it easy to identify the driver talking
  • Preprogrammed with Major Racing Frequencies - You'll be ready to listen when they're ready to roll
  • Quick Key System Access - Quickly select the systems or race you want to hear by pressing the 0-9 keys
  • Frequency Coverage - 25-54, 108-174, 216-225, 400-512, 806-956, 1240-1300 MHz (Excluding Cellular)
  • DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode - Instantly Detects and Displays the Subaudible Tone So You Can Quickly Determine the System Settings.
  • S.A.M.E. Weather Alert - Specific Area Message Encoding - During a NOAA Weather or Emergency Alert, a code for your specific location will alert you to severe conditions in your immediate area.
  • 10 Programmable Search Ranges - Helps you find unlisted frequencies in use in your area
  • 11 Preprogrammed Service Searches - Public Safety, Railroad (by channel), Air, Marine (by channel), CB (by channel), GMRS/FRS (by channel), Weather, News Media, Ham Radio and Special
  • Search and Store Operation - Automatically stores found frequencies in the system
  • Backlit Display* - Easy night time operation with Uniden's Patented Backlight-On-Squelch feature that illuminates only when there is channel activity
  • 2 AA Battery Operation - Provides flexibility in choice of batteries: Alkaline for long life, rechargable for economy (batteries can be charged while in the scanner)
  • PC Interface - Both programming and remote control of your scanner features from a PC
  • On-Air Programming - (separate transmitter required) Makes programming multiple units a snap - just transmit the driver information using a PC and transceiver, and all scanners update at once
  • Priority Scan - Frequently scans the channels you have designated as priority channels
  • Attenuator - Cuts down on interference from strong, nearby signal sources
  • Delay - Helps prevent missed replies during 2-way conversations

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