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Ocean County (P25)Oceana County (MI)
Oconee County (GA)Oconee County (SC)Oconto County (WI)
Office Buildings Harris County (TX)Office of Emergency Medical Service (NC)
Office of the Fire Commissioner (BC)Office of the Fire Marshal (ON)Official Feeds
Official and RR Owned FeedsOffsetOffutt Air Force Base (OFF) Sarpy County (NE)
Ogden Hinckley Airport (KOGD) Weber County (UT)Ogemaw County (MI)Ogle County (IL)
Ohio (US)Ohio Communications Companies
Ohio CountiesOhio County (IN)Ohio County (KY)
Ohio County (WV)Ohio County (WV) Public Safety TRS Radio IDsOhio County (WV) Public Safety TRS Unknown Talkgroups
Ohio County Public SafetyOhio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) (OH)Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) (OH)
Ohio Health - Central OhioOhio MARCS-IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications
Ohio MARCS - Multi-Agency Radio CommunicationsOhio MARCS Conventional Systems (OH)Ohio MARCS IP: Ashtabula County Radio IDs
Ohio MARCS IP: Butler County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Chagrin Valley Dispatch Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Chagrin Valley Dispatch Unit IDs
Ohio MARCS IP: Clermont County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Clinton County OH Fire DispatchingOhio MARCS IP: Cuyahoga County Radio IDs
Ohio MARCS IP: Eastcom Fire Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Franklin County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Future Sites
Ohio MARCS IP: Hamilton County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Lake County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Local Partnerships
Ohio MARCS IP: Montgomery County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Multi-Agency Radio Communications Radio ID LogicOhio MARCS IP: Northern Border Interop
Ohio MARCS IP: Portage County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Site MapOhio MARCS IP: Unconfirmed Talkgroups
Ohio MARCS IP: Warren County Radio IDsOhio MARCS IP: Westcom Westshore Radio IDs
Ohio Milcom FrequenciesOhio Railroads (OH)Ohio Renaissance Festival Warren County (OH)
Ohio SportsOhio State Highway Patrol (OSP) (OH)Ohio Turnpike Commission (OTC) (OH)
OilField Services (OK)Oil and Gas Production (TX)Oil spill cleanup
Okaloosa County (FL)Okanagan-Similkameen County (BC)Okanogan County (WA)
Okeechobee County (FL)Oklahoma (US)
Oklahoma CityOklahoma CountiesOklahoma County (OK)
Oklahoma Department of TransportationOklahoma Interoperability (OK)
Oklahoma SportsOklahoma Turnpike Authority
Oklahoma Wireless Information Network (OKWIN)Oklahoma Wireless Information Network (OKWIN) - Tulsa InformationOklahoma Wireless Information Network (OKWIN) - Unconfirmed or Unidentified Frequencies
Oklahoma Wireless Information Network (OKWIN) - Unconfirmed or Unidentified Talkgroups by Site
Oktibbeha County (MS)
Oldham County (KY)Olmsted County (MN)
Olmsted County (MN) Radio IDs on ARMEROlympic National Park (WA)Omaha Fire IDs
Omaha Regional Interoperability Network (ORION)
OnQueOnQue - Ontario NetworkOnQue - Réseau québécois
OnQue Ontario Talkgroups and User IDsOncor EnergyOncor Energy Radio User IDs
Oncor Energy Unconfirmed FrequenciesOncor Energy Unknown TalkgroupsOneVoice Network
OneVoice Network 1515 Broadway DMR BandplanOneVoice Network 700 Victory DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Alpine DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Atlantic City DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Austerlitz DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Barnegat DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Beacon DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Belle Mead DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Blooming Grove DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Court Plaza DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Glen Oaks DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Glen Spay DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Half Hollow Hills DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Hartford DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Holmdel DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Holyoke DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Loomis DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Mamakating DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Manorville DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Matamoras DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Nepture DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network New Scotland DMR BandplanOneVoice Network North East DMR BandplanOneVoice Network North Salem DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Philadelphia DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Plainview DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Pomona DMR bandplan
OneVoice Network Putnam Valley DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Sag Harbor DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Seldon DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Site 1 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 22 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 24 DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Site 40 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 42 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 43 DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Site 44 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 45 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 46 DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Site 47 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 51 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 52 DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Site 53 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 54 DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Site 55 DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Unknown TalkgroupsOneVoice Network Valhalla DMR BandplanOneVoice Network Warwick DMR Bandplan
OneVoice Network Waterford Works DMR BandplanOneVoice Network West Orange DMR BandplanOneida County (NY)
Oneida County (NY) Canal LocksOneida County (NY) Fire Tone OutsOneida County (NY) Firefighting
Oneida County (NY) Law EnforcementOneida County (NY) Utica CityOneida County (NY) Utica City ICalls
Oneida County (WI)Oneida Herkimer Madison School CooperativeOneida Herkimer Madison School Cooperative Channel Map
Oneida Herkimer Madison School Cooperative Radio IDsOneida Herkimer Madison School Cooperative Spectrum DisplayOnline amateur radio
Onondaga County (NY)Onondaga County (NY) Amateur Radio RepeatersOnondaga County (NY) Canal Locks
Onondaga County (NY) EMSOnondaga County (NY) Fire Tone OutsOnondaga County (NY) Firefighting
Onondaga County (NY) Law EnforcementOnondaga County (NY) Syracuse CityOnondaga County Interoperable Communication System (OCICS)
Onslow County (NC)Ontario (CA)
Ontario CountiesOntario County (NY)Ontario County (NY) EMS
Ontario County (NY) Fire Tone OutsOntario County (NY) FirefightingOntario County (NY) Law Enforcement
Ontario County NY Unknown UsersOntario Provincial Police (ON)Ontario Sports
Ontonagon County (MI)OpenSkyOpportunity County (AB)
Orange Beach (AL) Public Safety System Unknown TalkgroupsOrange Beach Public Safety System
Orange County (CA)Orange County (CA) Ambulance ServicesOrange County (CA) Anaheim FD
Orange County (CA) Boeing FDOrange County (CA) Brea FDOrange County (CA) Costa Mesa FD
Orange County (CA) East Heights VFDOrange County (CA) Fire AuthorityOrange County (CA) Fountain Valley FD
Orange County (CA) Fullerton FDOrange County (CA) Garden Grove FDOrange County (CA) Holy Jim VFD
Orange County (CA) Huntington Beach FDOrange County (CA) Laguna Beach FDOrange County (CA) Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base FD
Orange County (CA) Newport Beach FDOrange County (CA) Orange FDOrange County (CA) Seal Beach Naval Weapons Sta. FD
Orange County (FL)Orange County (FL) Fire/Rescue Zone LayoutOrange County (FL) Orlando 10-Codes
Orange County (FL) Orlando Zone LayoutOrange County (FL) Radio IDsOrange County (IN)
Orange County (NC)Orange County (NY)Orange County (NY) Fire Tone Outs
Orange County (NY) FirefightingOrange County (NY) Law EnforcementOrange County (TX)
Orange County (VA)Orange County Public Services (Project 25)Orange County Public Services P25
Orange County Public Services P25 10-CodesOrange County Public Services P25 InformationOrange County Public Services P25 Radio IDs
Orange County Public Services P25 Zone LayoutOrangeburg County (SC)
Oregon (US)Oregon - S. Washington Skywarn freqsOregon Counties
Oregon County (MO)Oregon Department of Forestry (OR)Oregon SAME Codes
Oregon SportsOregon State Radio ProjectOregon State Radio Project Site Research
Oregon State Radio Project Unknown TalkgroupsOregon Weather Information RadioOrion Mobile
Orizon MobileOrlando Executive Airport (ORL) Orange County (FL)Orlando International Airport (MCO) Orange County (FL)
Orleans County (NY)Orleans County (NY) LiftbridgesOrleans Parish (LA)
Orleans Parish (LA) BridgesOsage County (KS)Osage County (MO)
Osage County (MO) EMS/Ambulance ServicesOsage County (MO) Fire Dept.Osage County (MO) Sheriff Dept.
Osage County (OK)Osceola County (FL)Osceola County (FL) Canal Locks
Osceola County (IA)Osceola County (MI)Osceola County Public Services
Oscoda County (MI)Oswego County (NY)Oswego County (NY) Canal Locks
Oswego County (NY) EMSOswego County (NY) Fire Tone OutsOswego County (NY) Firefighting
Oswego County (NY) Law EnforcementOtero County (CO)Other Businesses Collin County (TX)
Other Businesses Milwaukee County (WI)Other HF ReceiversOther State Agencies (NC)
Other State Agencies (OH)Otoe County (NE)Otsego County (MI)
Otsego County (NY)Otsego County (NY) Fire Tone OutsOtsego County (NY) Firefighting
Otsego County (NY) Law EnforcementOttawa (EDACS)Ottawa (EDACS) Unknown Talkgroups
Ottawa (P25)Ottawa (P25) RID/UIDsOttawa (P25) Talkgroups
Ottawa Community Housing CorpOttawa Community Housing Corp Unknown TalkgroupsOttawa County (MI)
Ottawa County (MI) BridgesOttawa County (OH)Ottawa County (OK)
Ottawa County (ON)Ottawa County Public Safety Radio System
Otter Tail County (MN)Otter Tail County (MN) Radio IDs on ARMEROuachita Parish (LA)
Ouachita Parish (LA) BridgesOuray County (CO)Outagamie/Winnebago County Public Safety System
Outagamie/Winnebago County Public Safety System TRS ConversionOutagamie/Winnebago County Public Safety System Unknown TalkgroupsOutagamie County (WI)
Outagamie County Airport (ATW) Outagamie County (WI)Outagamie County Public SafetyOutput frequency
Over the EdgeOverlay Regional InterOperability Network (ORION)Overlay Regional InterOperability Network (ORION) Radio IDs
Owen County (IN)Owen County (KY)Owensboro EDACS System Radio IDs
Owensboro Public Safety and Services (EDACS)Owsley County (KY)Oxford Area Radio System (OARS)
Oxford CommunicationsOxford Communications Unknown TalkgroupsOxford County (ME)
Oxford County (ON)Oxnard (OXR) Ventura County (CA)Ozark County (MO)
Ozaukee County (WI)Ozaukee County Public SafetyP.E.C. Mobile Communications
P.E.C. Mobile Communications Site and Frequency ResearchP.E.C. Mobile Communications Unknown TalkgroupsP0-Popes Creek Sub
P2-Port SubP25 CAI
P25 audio decode level adjustmentP5-P and A SubP7-Pine Creek Sub
PA-Philadelphia SubPACTOR1 FEC Waterfall
PA ANG 111st Fighter WingPA ANG 171st Air Refueling WingPA ANG 193rd Special Operations Wing

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