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|[ ProLink]   
|[ ProLink]   
|[ ProLink]   
|[ ProLink]   

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When you are a newcomer, and want to use software to program and/or back up the contents of your scanner, the natural question is 'which is the best'? While it's always true that the 'best' software is in the eye of the user, generally speaking there are some packages that are much more popular than others.

Scancat Lite Plus has been visible for awhile now, and it's used in some RS stores to program scanners they sell. However, as documented on several occasions in the various RR forums, it's not the best choice, in most cases. This article lists the most popular packages, by scanner, in use by RR members. In general, the most popular choices tend to support connecting to the RadioReference database and downloading data directly. To enable this function you must have a premium subscription which you can read about in the link.

Those packages that have this ability are shown in bold. If no other packages exist to support this scanner, there will be no entry. Be sure to read the notes at the bottom of each section.

Note that with the exception of the PRO-2052, PRO-106 and PRO-197, virtual control, logging and audio recording during scanning is not possible due to firmware limitations. Only up/download operations are supported.



Scanner Software
Pro-64 ProLink
Pro-76 ProLink
Pro-79 ProLink
Pro-82 ProLink
Pro-83 Pro83 Manager ARC83 Load83
Pro-84 ARC83 Load83
Pro-89 ProLink
Pro-92 Win92
Pro-93 Win93
Pro-95 Win95
Pro-96 Win96 ARC96
Pro-99 Win99
Pro-135 ARC135
Pro-136 ARC135
Pro-137 ARC137
Pro-404 ARC404 PSREdit100
Pro-528 ARC433


Scanner Software
Pro-160 ARC160
Pro-162 ARC160
Pro-405 ARC404 PSREdit100
Pro-433 ARC433
Pro-2017 ProLink
Pro-2018 ProLink
Pro-2041 ProLink
Pro-2051 ARC433
Pro-2052 Scan Control IDTracker6 Scancat Gold for Windows
Pro-2053 Win93
Pro-2067 Win92
Pro-2096 Win96 ARC96


  1. See the PSR-300/400 Software and USB Support article for these scanners.
  2. See the Object Oriented Scanner Software article for more information.
  3. BuTel (ARCxxx) software is available from Scanner Master. These packages are qualified for Special RadioReference/RS Licensing. Also see the Radio Shack Programming Software Free Trial article for RRDB Download instructions during the trial period.
  4. Only the B version of the PRO-94 can be programmed. The only package known to support this radio is Scancat Lite Plus
  5. See the GRE/RS PC Object Oriented FAQ article for more information for more information on these scanners. The software they use is proprietary.
  6. Only the original version of IDTracker supports this radio. Support is limited.

ScanStar Products

The following packages support the Pro-92, 93, 95. 96, 2053, 2067, 2096 and PRO-2052. Note that any audio recorded with these products cannot be played back by a standard .wav player

Handheld/Base Cross Reference

Handheld Base/Mobile
Pro-92 Pro-2067
Pro-931 Pro-2053
Pro-95 Pro-2053
Pro-96 Pro-2096
Pro-97 Pro-2055
Pro-162 Pro-160
Pro-528 Pro-433
Pro-404 Pro-405
  1. The Pro-93 uses the same protocol as the Pro-2053 but has only 300 channels

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