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== NOAA Weather Radio Frequencies ==
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Continuous broadcast of weather information from the National Weather Service
Continuous broadcast of weather information from the National Weather Service

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Continuous broadcast of weather information from the National Weather Service

  • Channel 1 - 162.5500 MHz
  • Channel 2 - 162.4000 MHz
  • Channel 3 - 162.4750 MHz
  • Channel 4 - 162.4250 MHz
  • Channel 5 - 162.4500 MHz
  • Channel 6 - 162.5000 MHz
  • Channel 7 - 162.5250 MHz

Channels 1 and 2 are the original frequencies. The other frequencies were added when closer station spacing resulted in interference.

Three additional frequences - 161.650 MHz, 161.775 MHz, and 163.275 MHz - are sometimes included in weather radios, although they are not used by NOAA/NWS. See National Weather Service Marine Forecasts, under Equipment, for more information on these additional frequencies.


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