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This page is intended to collect common questions and their answers regarding the BCD996T scanner. You should check this resource first, before posting questions to the forums. If you see a question asked in the forum and know the answer, create the Q&A here, then direct the person who asked to this page. The forum is an area for discussion. This area should be used as a repository of knowledge.

Q: Where can I find general information about the BCD996T?

The main features are briefly described at BCD996T.

The owner's manual is available here

Q: What software is available/best for the BCD996T?

To a certain extent, the answer to this question depends on whether you want the software just for programming, programming and control, or to use as a quick way to record and log your hits as you listen.

  • For the most part, the most popular software has the ability to connect to the RadioReference Database to pull frequencies for programming. To be able to do this, you need to be a paid subscriber. ARC996 by BuTel (sold by Scanner Master), Signal Intelligence's Trunkstar Elite, Trunkstar Elite Pro, FreeSCAN and ProScan have this capability. Note that Freescan is freeware
    • Although not currently able to use the DB in this manner, software such as Uniden's UASD also works with the 996.
  • Although widely used in RS stores for other radios (and therefore a bit more visible in the market), Scancat Lite Plus has numerous shortcomings, not the least of which is the use of old and outdated data for support, although you can use the Excel copy/paste method to get data from the database. The UASD can also use this method. FreeSCAN, in addition to the RR connectivity above, also has the ability to copy/paste data without the use of an intervening program such as Excel via its EZGrab function.
  • Scan Control straddles both worlds. The Lite version is a programming only package, while the full version provides both programming and control. It now has the ability to copy/paste data from the database through a process known as the Data Grabber (version 6.1 and later)
  • As a logging and recording tool, the freeware ID Tracker II is available. However, note that the PRO version of ARC996, Trunkstar and the full version of Scan Control also provides these functions. ID Tracker II can also obtain data from the database by use of a downloaded plugin.

Q: Where can I get location information?

Q: What GPS works with the BCD996T?

See Location Based Scanning

Q: My computer only has a USB connector. How do I connect the scanner to the computer?

Use a USB --> Serial converter. Uniden sells such a converter under the model USB-1 that has the USB connector on one end and the custom scanner connector on the other end. This cable is the only one that Uniden sells or supports for use with their scanners.

See our Connecting scanners via USB article for more information.

Q: I get an error message when I try to connect to the computer. What is wrong?

Doesn't matter what the error message is, the problem is going to be one of the following 99% of the time:

  • Another device is using the serial port. Common culprits are Palm and Windows CE devices. You need to disable "ActiveSync" or whatever the devices sync software is called by right-clicking its icon in the system tray and selecting "Close" or "Exit"
  • You did not select the correct COM port in the software setup.
  • You have turned off or changed the port settings in the scanner's menu.
  • You need more current software drivers for your USB --> Serial converter.

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