Ohio MARCS IP: Clinton County OH Fire Dispatching

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County Dispatch Center

District 4 - Martinsville Clark Township Fire Department
District 6 - Clinton Highland Joint Fire District (New Vienna)
District 7 - Clinton South Joint Fire District (Midland)
District 8 - Blanchester Marion Township Fire Department
District 9 - Port William Volunteer Fire Department

Wilmington Dispatch Center

District 1 - Wilmington Fire Department
District 2 - SRWW Joint Fire District (Sabina)
District 3 - Clinton-Warren Joint Fire and Rescue District (Clarksville)
District 5 - Chester Township New Burlington Volunteer Fire Department

County Fire Ground Assignments

11503  D  14FIRE HAIL  Fire and EMS units can talk to either the County Dispatch Center
                       or the City of Wilmington Dispatch Center.

11507  D  14FG 04  Fire Ground
11508  D  14FG 05  Fire Ground
11509  D  14FG 06  Fire Ground
11510  D  14FG 07  Fire Ground
11511  D  14FG 08  Fire Ground
11512  D  14FG 09  Fire Ground

There are no fire grounds 01 through 03,  Fire grounds 04 through 09 
are assigned by the Wilmington Dispatch Center first and if necessary 
they can assign fire grounds 14 through 19.

11517  D  14FG 14   Fire Ground
11518  D  14FG 15   Fire Ground
11519  D  14FG 16   Fire Ground
11520  D  14FG 17   Fire Ground
11521  D  14FG 18   Fire Ground
11522  D  14FG 19   Fire Ground

There are no fire grounds 10 through 13 and fire grounds 14 through 19 
are assigned by the County Dispatch Center first but if necessary the 
county can assign fire grounds 04 through 09.

11530  E  14 CM ER  EMS field units can radio in to Clinton Memorial Hospital 
                    with patient information for pre arrival preparation of the 
                    incoming patient.

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