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Scope of Use


  • This template was originally intended to present a standardized header for only the US State pages in the collaboration area. However, others have also used it to provide this header on US County pages.
  • There are similar templates already coded for Canada and Australia. Please return to the Templates-List: General Use Only page to view these

Directly Invoked By

  • All US State pages in the collaboration area, as well as some US county pages
  • The Color template is invoked to make certain text in the table white.


  • There are 3 paramters to this template, all of which can be found on the respective database state page
    • Statename - The full name of the state
    • StateDB - The URL in the database for this state
    • Stateforum - The URL of the state's forum area


  • The horizontal lines below separate examples for clarity and do not appear when template is invoked.

How to invoke this template

|StateDB=[ {{color|white|Ohio DB]}}
|Stateforum=[ {{color|white|Ohio Forum}}] }}

  • See the Ohio (US) article for an example of this template called at a state level
  • See the Grayson County (VA) for an example of this template called at a county level

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