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Scope of Use


  • This template presents a standardized index that describes a military Trunked Radio System (TRS).
  • You should not use any template to invoke looking up callsigns or mapping data for these TRSs. They are not found on the FCC database, but are kept by the NTIA and is not available to the public
  • As there is a dedicated Military forum, the link for it is hard coded into the template

Directly Invoked By

  • Military directed or administered TRSs


  • Many of these parameters may be filled in with data from the database or other wiki pages, as shown.
    • SysName - The name of the TRS being documented
    • SysType - The type of the TRS being documented. Use the terminology found in the Glossary whenever possible. See the notes below
    • SysID - The system ID of the TRS, if known. Blanks are acceptable if not known
    • CTone - The connect tone needed for an actual user to access this system. It's not needed for scanners. Blanks are acceptable if not known
    • NAC - If this is a Project 25 system, the Network Access Code (NAC) for an actual user to access this system. It's not needed for scanners. Blanks are acceptable if not known
    • Band - Generic description of the band this TRS uses; examples like 'VHF', 'UHF', '700 Mhz' are fine. If there is more than one band, seperate them with a '/'
    • Agency - The military branch(es) that utilize and administer this system
    • City - Self Explanatory. If there are multiple cities used as sites, Various can be placed here. See the notes below
    • County - The wiki link for the county (if known), with a substitution for the more English looking name for readability. See the example below
    • State - The name of the state, first letter is capitalized
    • StateB - Same as State, but the first letter is capitalized
    • state - The name of the state where this TRS resides. You can code Various if it is a multi state system. Note that the first letter of the name is capitalized. Some state names are also hyphenated.
    • sid - The SID can be found as a token in the last part of the URL for this TRS in the database.

  • Not all of these tokens are required, but every effort should be made to fill them in. Many can be left blank, and it will not cause the template to fail
  • These items should be installed, when needed, in a new section to be called 'Related Links' or 'Related Pages'. Templates mentioned here can all be found on the Templates-List: General Use Only page
    • If the TRS is of a type that can't be trunked or scanned, a warning to that effect is required. Use the Tracker-Related templates
    • If the TRS is a MOTOTRBO type, and uses multiple color codes, put See DMR Bandplan in the DMR Color Code field. You must then supply a link to an article with the corrected bandplan that shows each color code by frequency (when known). The Table Trbosys template is designed for this purpose.


  • The horizontal lines below separate examples for clarity and do not appear when template is invoked.

How to invoke this template

The line below (between the pre tags) can be used as a model.

|SysName  = Fort Hood
|SysType  = [[Project 25]] Phase I
|SysID    = 28A86-046
|CTone    = N/A
|NAC      = 047, 048, 049, 04A
|Band     = 380
|Agency   = U.S. Army
|City     = Killeen
|County   = [[Bell County (TX)|Bell]] & [[Coryell County (TX)|Coryell]]
|State    = [[Texas (US)|Texas]]
|StateB   = Texas
|state    = texas
|sid      = 5738


See the Fort Hood article for an example

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