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Audio AGC

This setting helps balance the audio level you hear as you listen to different radio sources so you can hear them at a similar volume. Use this setting if you listen to an audio source that has natural changes in audio level for which you want to compensate.

Using the Digital AGC Function with the Pro 96/2096

You may find that the audio level varies greatly among different users on digital systems that you monitor. Many analog conventional and trunked radio systems include components with automatic gain control to help normalize the audio levels of analog transmissions in the system. Digital radio systems typically do not include any automatic gain control functionality and tend to reproduce a user’s voice audio signal more faithfully with regard to audio levels. This can result in a low level audio signal if a user on the system is not speaking close enough to their radio microphone. The PRO-96 features Digital AGC, which can compensate for these low audio levels when they occur. By default, Digital AGC is turned on. If desired, you can toggle the Digital AGC function on or off by pressing FUNC, then MAN at any time. The display will briefly show DSP AGC Off or DSP AGC On accordingly.


  • Digital AGC has no effect on analog transmissions.
  • You may notice more background noise with Digital AGC on.