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AOR AR1000 Handheld Receiver-Courtesy of Rig Pix

The AR1000 comes in many variations and is known by a variety of different names and model numbers. In the United States, the unit was originally marketed simply as the AR1000. It’s frequency range covered 8 MHz to 600 MHz and 805 MHz to 1300 MHz. Later units extended the low end frequency range down to 500 KHz. Still later models included the 600-805 MHz gap. These additional models have been variously called the AR1000X, AR1000XC, and AR1000XLT. In the UK, the AR1000XLT is known as the AR2000.

It has been sold under other labels besides AOR. In England and Europe the scanner was originally sold under the Fairmate label as the HP100, HP200, HP200E, HP200 Mk II, and HP2000. It has more recently been sold as the Camnis HSC-010, and as the Trident TR1000XLT and TR1200XLT.

While the AR1000 and its variants are sold by several companies world-wide, the unit is actually designed by Nisei Corporation.

-Howard Bornstein

General Specifications

  • 1000 channels - 10 banks
  • 500kHz-1300MHz range
  • 5-995kHz steps (selectable in 5 or 12.5kHz steps)
  • Scans up to 20cps
  • AM, FM, WFM
  • Attenuator
  • 1 priority channel
  • 10 search limits
  • 4 AA batteries


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