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* [ AOR (UK) AR3000A (and AR3000A+) reference page]
* [ AOR (UK) AR3000A (and AR3000A+) reference page]
* [ AR3000 bulletin page]
* [ AR3000 bulletin page]
* [ AR3000A bulletin page]
* [ AOR manuals]
* [ AOR manuals]

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AR3000 Desktop Receiver
AR3000A Desktop Receiver

This page lists links, related pages and software support for the AOR AR3000-series desktop receiver. The technical specifications for the AR3000A can be viewed here (copied from Universal Radio).

General Specifications

  • 100kHz-2036Mhz range
  • AM, NFM, WFM, USB, LSB, CW (WEFAX w/3000A)
  • 400 channels in 4 banks
  • Scan rate 20cps (30-50 w/3000A)
  • Selectable steps from 50Hz-100kHz
  • Signal meter
  • Computer control
  • 4 search banks
  • Clock/timer (alarm w/3000A)
  • 1 priority channel (4 w/3000A)
  • Attenuator
  • Automatic tape recording

Filters and other mods

Reviews and User Opinions

Related Pages

Supporting Software

NOTE: Due to a firmware change, software that supports the AR3000 may not support other versions. Be sure to check before purchasing or downloading.

Yahoo Groups and Message Boards (software and receiver support)

eBay Listings

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