ARC500 User Guide

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ARC500 software series for Radioshack PRO-106/PRO-197 and GRE PSR500/PSR600

Using ARC500 to populate a scanner

NOTE: Importing from the Radio Reference Database only works if you are a Premium Subscriber to the Radio Reference Web site. The key to unlock the utility for importing systems, TGs, and/or conventional frequencies from the Database is the Premium Subscription.

It must be noted that a Premium Subscription is NOT required to take advantage of the information on the Radio Reference Web site, but there are some functionalities that you will not be able to access without it.

Trunked Systems

Open or Closed Mode?

It is considered scanning in "Open Mode" if there is a Wildcard in working memory while scanning. A Wildcard allows reception of radio traffic from any active Talk Group in a trunked radio system. "Closed Mode" occurs when there is not a Wildcard in working memory, or the Wildcard is locked out so scanning is limited to specific Talk Groups.

Importing Trunked Systems and Talk Groups

1. To Import from Radio Reference, click Internet > Radioreference Import