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[ BuTel Software]
[ BuTel Software]
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[[Category:Software Applications]]

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ARC PATROL software series for Uniden Home_Patrol

Using ARC-PATROL to add new favorite lists to your scanner

  • Start the software and then select File _ Add _ New Conv. System.
  • Now in the browser 'expand' the 'New System' and click on New Department.
  • Now in the right pane you can enter your frequencies in the Frequency column.
  • Next press the 'Save' button in the toolbar and store a copy.
  • Now connect the HP1 to your PC using the USB cable. Press the 'SEND HP-1' button in the toolbar. The software will now detect your receiver.
  • Make sure 'Add New Favorites List' is selected and enter a name for the new fav.list. Press the blue Save button and then the file is stored and ready for scanning.

Scanning the new favorite list

  • disconnect the scanner from the PC
  • the scanner will now restart
  • using the touchscreen select:
  • MENU
  • Select the FAVORITE LIST that you just uploaded
  • Press 'Use this List'
  • Confirm the message by pressing YES
  • The scanner will now prepare for scanning the file.
  • If the HP1 displays a warning that no channels are matching you must select the service type.
  • Press 'SERVICE' and select at least one Service type. Available service types are shown in white text. Press ACCEPT. The scanner will now prepare for scanning the file and after a few seconds start scanning the new file.

NOTE: Importing from the Radio Reference Database only works if you are a Premium Subscriber to the Radio Reference Web site. The key to unlock the utility for importing systems, Talkgroups, and/or conventional frequencies from the Database is the Premium Subscription.

Video Tutorials

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