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ARC PATROL software series for Uniden Home_Patrol

Using ARC-PATROL to add new favorite lists to your scanner

  • Start the software and then select File _ Add _ New Conv. System.
  • Now in the browser 'expand' the 'New System' and click on New Department.
  • Now in the right pane you can enter your frequencies in the Frequency column.
  • Next press the 'Save' button in the toolbar and store a copy.
  • Now connect the HP1 to your PC using the USB cable. Press the 'SEND HP-1' button in the toolbar. The software will now detect your receiver.
  • Make sure 'Add New Favorites List' is selected and enter a name for the new fav.list. Press the blue Save button and then the file is stored and ready for scanning.

'Service Search' files included with ARC-PATROL

For your convenience the following 'service search' files are included with ARC-PATROL:

  • AIR.HPD : VHF AIR 118.000 - 136.000 MHz 25 kHz step
  • CB_FRS_GMSR.HPD : CB Radio, FRS and GMRS
  • HAM RADIO.HPD : 144.000 - 148.000 MHz 420.000 - 450.000 MHz
  • MARINE.HPD : MArine channels in 156.000 - 162.000 MHz band
  • MILITARY AIR.HPD : UHF AIR 225.000 - 400.000 MHz 25 kHz step
  • PUBLIC SAFETY BANDS.HPD : Common Public Safety bands
  • RAILROAD.HPD : Railroad frequencies channels 2-97

To load these files select FILE _ OPEN HPD FILES and then select the SERVICE SEARCH folder.

Scanning the new favorite list

  • disconnect the scanner from the PC
  • the scanner will now restart
  • using the touchscreen select:
  • MENU
  • Select the FAVORITE LIST that you just uploaded
  • Press 'Use this List'
  • Confirm the message by pressing YES
  • The scanner will now prepare for scanning the file.
  • If the HP1 displays a warning that no channels are matching you must select the service type.
  • Press 'SERVICE' and select at least one Service type. Available service types are shown in white text. Press ACCEPT. The scanner will now prepare for scanning the file and after a few seconds start scanning the new file.

Editing an existing HP-1 Favorite File

  • Make sure that the HP-1 is connected to the PC using the USB cable
  • Start ARC PATROL
  • In ARC PATROL press the 'READ HP-1' button
  • The software will now read the favorite files stored in the HP1.
  • Select the file that you want to Edit and press the green 'Open' button
  • The file is now transferred to the software and can now be modified
  • After editing the file it is advised to save a copy.
  • To upload to the HP-1 press the 'SEND HP-1' button
  • Now select if you want to add this as a new file or overwrite an existing file
  • Press 'Save New Favorite Kist on HP-1' button , this will transfer the new file

ARC Patrol Questions and Answers

Q. Is ARC PATROL a replacement for the Sentinel software?
A. No, Sentinel is used to update the database and firmware. ARC PATROL is used to build and manage your own favorite lists.

Q. Can I export data from ARC PATROL into other ARC file formats?
A. No, due to license restrictions we can not export to any other format then the native HP1 .hpd format

Q. Can I import ARC files?
A. Yes, you can import ARC3xx/ARC9xx/ARC XT series files.

Q. Can I backup my HP1 favorites with ARC-Patrol?
A. Yes, click the Backup button to create backups of favorites stored in the HP1.

Q. Is this software licensed by Uniden?
A. Yes. ARC PATROL contains Uniden proprietary and/or copyrighted information. Used under license.

Q. There is no comport setting in ARC PATROL?
A. Correct, all communication is done using the USB lead supplied with the HP-1. ARC PATROL will automatically detect the HP-1.

Q. Can I use my existing RadioReference subscription to import data?
A. Yes, just like any other ARC program you can import data using the Webservice and import and create your own conventional and trunk systems.

Q. Can I edit the built-in HP-1 database?
A. Yes you could do that with ARC-PATROL but we advise to use favorite lists instead since the built in database is synchronized by Sentinel and during synchronization any custom changes you made will be lost.

Q. I created a simple conventional favorite list but it is not scanning?
A. Make sure that you enabled the correct ‘Service’ types. Before you can scan frequencies you must assign them to a service type and make sure the service type is enabled.

Q. Can I change the order of Favorite lists?
A. Yes, select Scanner HP1 _ Edit Favorites Configuration. Now you can move lists, sort and rename them.

Q. I Want to search a range of frequencies, how can I do that?
A. In ARC PATROL select Options _ Easy Fill. Now enter a start frequency and a step and ARC PATROL will fill a system with frequencies similar to a search in other scanners.

Q. How do I find latitude and longitude information?
A. ARC Patrol can assist you, select Tools _ GPS Location Search and enter an address or zip code.

NOTE: Importing from the Radio Reference Database only works if you are a Premium Subscriber to the Radio Reference Web site. The key to unlock the utility for importing systems, Talkgroups, and/or conventional frequencies from the Database is the Premium Subscription.

Connecting the HP-1 to your PC

Use the USB connection cable supplied with the HP-1 to connect the HP-1 to a free USB port on your PC. ARC PATROL will automatically detect your HP-1.


Video Tutorial

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Download ARC PATROL software

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