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|StateB    = California
|StateB    = California
|state    = california
|state    = california
|sid      = 109

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The ALCO trunked system pools its frequencies into two groups, "Local" and "Wide". This means that not all sites have all frequencies. The sites covering the Tri-Valley area (Walpert Ridge, Sunol Ridge, and Crane Ridge) only have specific frequencies. If you live in this area you will only hear talkgroups assigned to operate on the Wide frequencies. If you attempt to listen to agencies in Western Alameda County, you will not hear them. The scanner will appear to switch to a voice frequency but no audio will be heard. Talkgroups are always assigned full-time Local or Wide status.

You can determine if you will be able to hear all talkgroups on the system by checking the Local frequencies for audio in conventional mode. If you hear nothing, you will be limited the Wide talkgroups only.

Local frequencies: 851.1000, 852.5875, 852.7500, 852.7875, 853.1500, 853.2750, 853.3125, 853.6000, 853.7250, 853.9500

Wide frequencies: 851.3375, 851.3750, 852.4125, 852.4500, 852.6250, 852.9125, 852.9500, 853.1125, 853.5625, 853.7625, 853.9125

Local talkgroup examples: Alameda PD Dispatch, San Leandro PD Dispatch, Union City PD Dispatch, ALCO Sheriff Tac 7

Wide talkgroup examples: ALCO Fire, ALCO Sheriff Dispatch 1 & 2, Fremont PD Dispatch, Newark PD Dispatch, ALCO Sheriff Tac 8