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===County and Local Law Enforcement Agencies===
===County and Local Law Enforcement Agencies===
*1302xxxx - Albany City Police
*130662xx - Cohoes PD Mobile Radio
*130662xx - Cohoes PD Mobile Radio
*130663xx - Cohoes PD Portable Radio
*130663xx - Cohoes PD Portable Radio

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Albany County Radio IDs

Public Safety Radio IDs

County and Local Law Enforcement Agencies

  • 1302xxxx - Albany City Police
  • 130662xx - Cohoes PD Mobile Radio
  • 130663xx - Cohoes PD Portable Radio
  • 130776xx - Green Island PD Mobile Radio
  • 130777xx - Green Island PD Portable Radio
  • 130990xx - Watervliet PD Portable Radio
  • 130991xx - Watervliet PD Portable Radio
  • 130998xx - Watervliet PD Mobile Radio

Fire Departments

  • 150240xx - Albany FD Portable Radio
  • 150241xx - Albany FD Mobile Radio
  • 150607xx - Cohoes FD Mobile Radio
  • 15069xxx - Cohoes FD Portable Radio
  • 150713xx - Green Island FD Mobile Radio
  • 15079xxx - Green Island FD Portable Radio
  • 150936xx - Watervliet FD Mobile Radio
  • 15099xxx - Watervliet FD Portable Radio

Albany County Sheriff's Office Communications Center

  • 40x - Albany County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Terminals

Albany Police Department Communications Center

  • 20x - Albany Police Department Communications Dispatch Terminals

Other Agencies in Albany County

City of Albany

  • 160203xx: City of Albany Water Department

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