Alcona County (MI)

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County Fire Departments

Station Location
Alcona Twp FD 5576 S US-23, Black River
Barton City FD 1868 Trask Lake, Barton City
Curran FD 2240 N M-65, Curran
Curtis Twp FD 5019 Banfield, Glennie
Greenbush Twp FD 2932 S Poor Farm, Greenbush
Harrisville FD 200 N Fifth, Harrisville
Lincoln FD 117 W Fiske, Lincoln
Mikado Twp FD 2226 S F-41 Hwy, Mikado
South Shore-Hubbard Lake FD 373 W Old Mt Maria, Lincoln

Additional frequencies unverified

Frequency Input License Type Tone Out Tone In Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
39.14000 KLR327 jail ? FM
39.64000 KLR327 jail ? FM
39.74000 KLR327 jail ? FM
39.82000 KLR327 jail ? FM
154.055 KZI284 EMS and EOC activity NFM
155.745 KZI284 EMS and EOC activity NFM

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