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Alexander County Government

Municipalities and Districts

  • Cairo PD and FD are dispatched by the City of Cairo 911
  • All other Alexander County fire departments are dispatched by Pulaski County 911 on the Alexander County channel

EMS Agencies and Hospitals

  • Alexander County EMS is dispatched from Pulaski County 911 on the Alexander County channel

Codes, Unit Lists, Pager Tones

Unit Lists

  • AC = Alexander County Sheriff
  • 8xx = Cairo PD
  • 945 = McClure PD?
  • EMS-17 = Alexander County Ambulance

Fire/EMS Pager Tones



  • Cairo Dry Kilns 157.56 Base/Mobile (Cairo) WNZU930 Website
  • Honey Farm 154.49 Base/Mobile (Unity) KNBY939
  • Illinois American Water Company 451.275 Repeater (Cairo) WNKW502
  • Spagna, James 151.685 Base/Mobile (Olive Branch) WPIK611

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