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Pager tones

  • Lima FD (154.220) - 339.6 / 321.7

Lima Fire Stations and Response

  • Station 1 (Central) 433 S. Main St. C-12, E1, R1, L1
  • Station 3 West and Robb E3
  • Station 4 Spring and Judkins E4
  • Station 5 Elm and Shawnee E5
  • Station 6 Third and Branson E6

All engines cover an approximately 1.5 mile driving distance (ISO) territory around their stations for single company responses. Basically E1 is the middle of Lima, E3 is north, E4 is west, E5 is east, and E6 is south.

First alarm response:

  • Central's equipment runs on all structure fires.
  • E3 responds on all calls north of Market.
  • E4 responds on all calls west of Main.
  • E5 responds on all calls east of Main.
  • E6 responds on all calls south of Market.

In the running orders it spells out which engine responds on calls with addresses actually on Main or Market. There are some minor variations in the running orders. For instance, the Civic Center is south of Market, but E3 responds to bring an additional aerial.

The first alarm response will bring C-12, three engines, rescue, and the ladder for a total of 13 personnel. The last due engine is usually assigned as the RIT. M-F 0700-1530 the safety officer (C16) also responds. He is also called in on third alarms or when called by the IC.

During the M-F 0700-1530 times there are two fire inspectors (C13 and C14) who can also respond and perform support duties as needed by the IC. One of them is called in on third alarms, the other at fourth alarm.

The fire investigator (C17) works M-F 0700-1530 and investigates fires at the request of the IC. He gets called in quite frequently after hours.

The fire chief (C10) works M-F 0700-1530 and doesn't respond to fires until the third alarm.