Archer County (TX)

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Fire Tone Outs

Group Tone A Tone B
Archer City Ambulance 410.8 433.7
Archer City Fire 330.5 349.0
Bowman 539.0 349.0
Holliday 410.8 349.0
Lake Kickapoo 483.5 349.0
Lakeside City 389.0 349.0
Megargel 433.7 349.0
Scotland 457.9 349.0
Windthorst 368.5 349.0

Unidentified/Unconfirmed Frequencies

The following frequencies are not listed in the database. If you can confirm or identify any of them, please submit the information and remove them from this list.

Frequency/Input Type Tone - Description
454.5250/459.5250 RM 023 DPL - Bobcat Bluff Wind Farm?
462.6000/467.6000 RM 466 DPL - Flying M Ranch?

USAF Space Surveillance Station

The Air Force Space Surveillance System (formerly the Naval Space Surveillance System until Oct, 2004) consisted of a series of 3 transmitter and 6 receiver sites across the southern US. The main transmitter, known as the Lake Kickapoo site, is located in Archer County. The system was decommissioned on 1 October, 2013. The Lake Kickapoo 216.98 MHz transmitter went off the air in September, 2013.

  • The station transmitted a continuous carrier on 216.9800 MHz.
  • A repeater on 143.5000/142.5000 CSQ was used for maintenance and operations. It was last confirmed in use in the mid 1990s.

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