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== Other Arizona Scanner Resources ==
[ Southwest Frequency Directory]
==Arizona County/Agency Pages==
==Arizona County/Agency Pages==
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* [[SEARM Scanner Club]]
* [[SEARM Scanner Club]]
==Mailing Lists==
* General Arizona
** [ Arizona Ham]
** [ Arizona Scanner]
** [ SEARM - South East Arizona Radio Monitoring]
** [ PrescottScanner]
** [ Arizona Fedcom]
* Wildfire Related
** [ Arizona Wildland Fire]
** [ Southwest Scanner]
** [ Tanker Locations]
** [ Wildland Scanner]
* Others
** [ AirComm Southwest]
** [ Hi Desert Scan]
==Maps and Metro Areas==
==Maps and Metro Areas==
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* [[Arizona Railroads (AZ)]]
* [[Arizona Railroads (AZ)]]
* [[AZ ANG 162ndFW]]
* [[AZ ANG 162ndFW]]
* See the '''Publications''' section of the [[Milcom Web Pages and Mailing Lists]] article for a Dropbox site with numerous manuals and charts
==External Links==
* [ Southwest Frequency Directory]
{{Geographic Location
{{Geographic Location

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Conventional Frequencies

US Forest Service

Trunked Radio Systems

Arizona Wing Civil Air Patrol

Romeo 46 NFM 148.1500 151.4 Mt Eldon (Flagstaff)
Romeo 46 P25 148.1500 Mt Eldon (Flagstaff)
Romeo 56 NFM 148.1500 107.2 Mt Lemmon (Tucson)
Romeo 56 P25 148.1500 430 Mt Lemmon (Tucson)

Arizona County/Agency Pages

Look here for information available on these counties. If you don't see your county listed, it is because either no additional information exists or it has not been added to the county collaboration page.


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