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Guadalupe River State Park/Honey Creek State Natural Area

Located in western Comal County, near Spring Branch, the combined parks total over 4000 acres. The Honey Creek State Natural Area and Guadalupe River State Park provides miles of hiking, bike and equestrian trails.

159.3450MHz  CTCSS: 97.4  Guadalupe River State Park Operations
---Unit Numbers---
Headquarters:  Main Gate Office
320-329:       GRSP Park Rangers

Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resorts

Schlitterbahn Waterpark is a 65 acre water amusement facility consisting of 3 parks in New Braunfels, TX, split between 2 plots of land. Schlitterbahn Main Park (Castle Entrance off Liberty Street) and Surfenburg/Blastenhoff (Union & Lincoln Streets- the old Camp Warnecke). Schlitterbahn West (Main Park) utilizes fresh water from the natural Comal River, and the East Park utilizes treated water from New Braunfels Utilities.

Channel Lineup

  • Ch. 1: Operations ("Op"), Security ("C"), First Aid ("FA"), Admissions Supervisors ("Gate").
  • Ch. 2: Maintenance, Resort Housekeeping, Trams, also used by Operations to keep longer communications off the primary channel.
  • Ch. 3: Ch.1 Talkaround, mostly used as a backup when repeaters go down.
  • Ch. 4: Ch.2 Talkaround, mostly used as a backup when repeaters go down.
  • Ch. 5: Manager talkaround (limited use, only about 30 radios programmed with Ch. 5).
  • Ch. 6: Foods, Admissions, Gift Shops.
  • Ch. 7: Blastenhoff Tower Operations Talkaround (used exclusively by Ops 19, 19.5, "Books", and "Top of the Tower"; though Operations Managers do have this channel as well). Usually the "Top of the Tower" can be heard from a greater distance than any other channel 7 user.

Radio Models In Use

  • Motorola Radius GM300- Dispatch Stations
  • Motorola CM1200- Trams
  • Motorola Radius M1225- Trams
  • Motorola Radius P1225- Security, Foods, Giftshops, Admissions, Maintenance
  • Motorola Radius GR1225- Believed to be the model of repeaters in use (as of 2005)
  • Icom IC-F60- "Waterproof" radios used by Operations Supervisors and Tower Leads in Blastenhoff (Ch. 7)
  • Kenwood 3160 Type 1- Radios used by Operations Supervisors, Admissions, First Aid, and beginning to phase out most Motorola P1225s.
  • Kenwood 3360- Radios used by Operations Supervisors and other various departments, beginning to phase out the 3160s.
  • Kenwood 3140 Type 1- about 5 in circulation. These radios utilize Kenwoods "PTT ID digital ANI" which allows instant radio call identification (used by Director of Security, General Manager, Director of Operations, Op2 and Op3).
  • Kenwood 3200- spare radios, used by Operations.

Keep in mind a lot of radios are retained for use when others get "drowned" as they term it. So you might see some older radios on people's hips.

Unit Numbers


  • Park1: General Manager
  • Park2: Director of Operations
  • Unit1: Duty General Manager (either Park1 or Park2)
  • Unit2: Operations Duty Manager (rotates through Ops1-9)
  • Op1-Op9: Operations Managers
  • Op11: Section 1 Ops Supervisor (Lagoon)
  • Op12: Section 2 Ops Supervisor (Castle Entrance)
  • Op13: Section 3 Ops Supervisor (Kinderlund)
  • Op14: Section 4 Ops Supervisor (Wavepool)
  • Op15: Section 5 Ops Supervisor (Comal River @ old Landa Resort)
  • Op16: Section 6 Ops Lead Guard (Camp Warnecke)
  • Op17: Section 7 Ops Supervisor (Lower Surfenburg)
  • Op18: Section 8 Ops Supervisor (Upper Surfenburg)
  • Op19: Section 9 Ops Supervisor (Blastenhoff, carries both IC-F60 and Kenwood 3160 radios)
  • Op19.5: Blastenhoff Tower Operations Supervisor (Blastenhoff, carries both IC-F60 and Kenwood 3160 radios)
    • Books: Section 9 Lead Guard (Ch. 7)
    • Top of Tower: Tower Lead Guard Top (Ch. 7; AKA: "Top/Conveyor/Tower")
    • Bottom of Tower: Tower Lead Guard Bottom (Ch. 7)
  • FA20: Main Entrance First Aid
  • FA21: Sections 1&2 First Aid Response
  • FA23: Sections 3,4 & 5 First Aid Response
  • FA27: Sections 7 & 8 First Aid Response
  • FA29: Sections 6 & 9 First Aid Response
  • Night Op: Night Operations Supervisor (rotates weekly through an Ops Supervisor)
  • Ops Services: Main Dispatch
  • Green Warehouse: Surf/Blast Dispatch


  • C1: Director of Security
  • C2: New Braunfels Security Manager
  • C3: Main Park Security Supervisor
  • C4: Main Park Security Supervisor
  • C5: Bahn Resort Gate Guard
  • C6: Rapids Resort Gate Guard
  • C7: Surfenburg Security Supervisor
  • C8: Surfenburg Gate Guard
  • C9: Blastenhoff Security Supervisor
  • C11: Employee Parking Lot Guard
  • Bike1-Bike4: Roving Parking Lot Bike Security Guards
  • PD1: Main Park Police Officer
  • PD2: Surf/Blast Police Officer
  • PD3: Fairgrounds Police Officer (sometimes at Surfenburg)

Admissions and Retail

  • Gate1: Director of Admissions
  • Gate2-Gate8: Admissions Managers
  • Gift1: Director of Retail
  • Gift2-8: Gift Shop Supervisors
  • Baby Dispatch: Admissions/Retail Dispatch

Food and Beverage

  • Food 1: Director of Food and Beverage
  • Food2-Food4: Food and Beverage Managers
  • Food7: Food Delivery
  • Cart1-Cart4: Vending Supervisors
  • Tub1-Tub4: Bar Supervisors


  • Store1-Store10: Transportation Department (Buses, Trams and Mechanics)
  • Resort1: Bahn Resort
  • Resort2: Rapids Resort


  • Maintenance "Name": Park & Resort Maintenance
  • Grounds "Name": Groundskeepers/Landscaping
  • Warehouse "Name": Tube Crew
  • Night Crew "Name": Night Maintenance Crew

Schlitterbahn utilizes the same 10 codes that were adopted by New Braunfels Police Department (for multiple reasons) and utilizes these most often:


  • 9-01 Clear the Air
  • 10-4 Confirmed
  • 10-6 Busy
  • 10-7 Out of Service
  • 10-8 In Service
  • 10-9 Repeat Message
  • 10-10 Fight
  • 10-18 Quickly (urgency is required in responding)
  • 10-20 Your location?
  • 10-21 Contact by phone
  • 10-22 Disregard
  • 10-23 Arrived on Scene
  • 10-25 Meet in person
  • 10-30 Unnecessary Radio Use
  • 10-33 Emergency
  • 10-47 Mechanical Breakdown
  • 10-50 Car wreck
  • 10-52 Ambulance
  • 10-56 Intoxicated Subject
  • 10-70 Fire
  • 10-74 Negative
  • 10-78 Needs Assistance(refers to handicapped/special-needs guests)
  • 10-96 Mental Subject
  • 10-100 Bathroom Break-#1 (very unofficial, but it's been used)
  • 10-200 Bathroom Break-#2 (very unofficial, but it's been used)

First Aid Codes

Given in format: severity code/wound code

Severity Codes Given in format "Six-OX"

  • 6-00- Very minor
  • 6-01- Minor
  • 6-02- Needs attention
  • 6-03- Injury comprimising ABCs
  • 6-04- Life threatening Injury (EMS will be called)

Wound Codes

  • B- bee sting
  • D- drowning victim
  • H- head
  • I- eye
  • L- limb
  • M- cardiac emergency
  • N- nosebleed
  • R- rescue ("600-R" is very common and generally means a lifeguard entered the water, it wasn't a serious event, and that everything is OK and First Aid can stop standing by)
  • S- spine injury
  • U- unknown injury (often will be used to describe fainting, "601-U")
  • Z- seizure

Pool Codes

  • Code 10- Overflowing Pool
  • Code 20- Chlorine Spill
  • Code 30- Acid Spill
  • Code 50- Acid/Chlorine Mixture Situation
  • Code 75- Unknown Hazardous Material Spill

Brevity Codes

  • Code1- non-emergent call
  • Code2- emergent call
  • Code3- emergency
  • "S.P."- separated party
  • "Mr. Squiggley"- Used by Operations to indicate a snake has been found in the park, this euphemism is employed as saying the word "snake" aloud can easily cause some guests to panic.
  • "Gordon"- Used by Operations to refer to lightning. "Gordon is in the area." Usually when inclement weather is expected an Operations Manager will man the Top of the Downhill Racer deck and the Top of the Tower to watch for lightning. It is the call of any Operations Manager to shut the park down due to inclement weather.

Schlitterbahn also has a "position number" for each lifeguard station. At Main Park are positions 1-97 (not all are always staffed, and not all exist anymore). The Rapids (old Camp Warnecke) has positions 1-6, Surfenburg has positions 10-59 and Blastenhoff has 60-104. When an Operations Supervisor asks for a 10-25 they usually cite a position number (Example: Can I get a 10-25 at position 43- Start of the Cliffhanger?).