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== Audrain County ==
== Audrain County ==
* [ County Website]
* [ County Website]

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Audrain County

Audrain County 911

Audrain County Sheriff

Audrain County Sheriff on Analog Frequency 154.815 uknown if they still use this.

Audrain Medical Center / Ambulance District


Audrain County Department of Health           302063
Audrain County Sheriff Dispatch               1049073

Municipalities and Districts

Mexico (City)



  • 159.9375 M WQKA771 RothFarms1 Roth Farms LLC (Mexico)
  • 159.9525 M WQKA771 RothFarms2 Roth Farms LLC (Mexico)
  • 159.9825 M WQKA771 RothFarms3 Roth Farms LLC (Mexico)

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