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[[Category:Handheld Scanners]]
[[Category:Handheld Scanners]]
[[Category:Trunking Scanners]]
[[Category:Trunking Scanners]]
[[Category:Analog Trunktrackers]]

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300 Channel Programmable Handheld Scanner with TrunkTracker II

12 Bands, TrunkTracker II, One Touch Weather. TrunkTracker II - Monitors the following systems: Motorola Type I, Type II, Type IIi Hybrid and EDACS 9600 Baud.

General Specifications

  • Rebanding supported? NO
  • Trunk Scan & Search
  • Cloning Capability
  • Computer Interface
  • 12 Bands Including Aircraft
  • Includes 800 MHz
  • 300 Channels
  • Rechargeable Ni-Cd Battery Included
  • Trunk Lockout
  • Trunk Delay
  • Preprogrammed Service Search - Makes finding interesting active frequencies even easier.

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