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==Related Pages==
==Related Pages==
*[ RadioReference Uniden forum]
*[ Owner's Manual (PDF)]
*[ Owner's Manual (PDF)]
*[[Installing a Discriminator Tap on a BC350C]]
*[[Installing a Discriminator Tap on a BC350C]]

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800MHz Scanning with Mobile Operation


  • 100 User Programmable Memories - Lets you quickly store interesting frequencies for rapid recall.
  • Frequency Coverage (BC350C) - Includes the most interesting "action" bands where you can hear police, ambulance, fire, amateur radio, public utilities, weather, and more. 25-54,108-174,406-512,806-956 (excluding cellular)
  • Preprogrammed Service Search - Makes finding interesting active frequencies even easier.
  • Search Lockouts - Lets you lock out frequencies that have continuous or uninteresting communications so that searching is faster.
  • Backlit Display - At the push of a button, our unique luminescent LCD screen is backlit so messages are easily read in low-light situations
  • 100 ch/sec Scan Speed (max)
  • AC Adapters, DC Power Cable and Automotive Power Outlet Plug - More options for supplying power to your scanner at home or in your car.

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