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*[[ BC895 Tap | BC895XLT Discriminator Tap]]
* [ Strong Signals mods page]
* [ Strong Signals mods page]
* Item 11: Squelch Modification
* Item 11: Squelch Modification

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300 Channel TrunkTracker/10 Banks/10 Priority Channels

The industry's first Trunk Tracking base scanner. Trunk Scan and Search - Monitors the following systems: Motorola Type I, Type II, Type IIi Hybrid. This scanner only trunks 800 Mhz Analog systems.


  • Rebanding supported? NO
  • 300 Channels
  • 12 Band Coverage
  • Includes 800 MHz & Aircraft
  • One Touch Weather
  • Triple Conversion RF System
  • Auxiliary Tape Output
  • Trunk Scan and Search
  • Turbo Scan
  • VFO Control Knob
  • Trunk Delay
  • Trunk Lockout
  • Programmable Search - Allows you to set the upper and lower limits of specific frequency range for easier searching.
  • NOTE AM reception of military air in the 138-144 mhz is not possible due to firmware limitations.


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  • These programs can be found in the 895 Yahoo groups' files area:
    • EZ-Prog895
    • Freetracker
    • PC895
    • Softrol

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