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; Wiki Articles
; Wiki Articles
* [[Uniden DMA FAQ]]
* [[Uniden DMA FAQ]]
* [[]]
* [[:Category:DMA Radios Hints and Kinks|DMA Radios Hints and Kinks]]
* [[:Category:DMA Radios Hints and Kinks|DMA Radios Hints and Kinks]]
* Programming an UHF system requires at least 1 base frequency and offset. An example is shown [[media:Arc396uhf.jpeg|here]]. This screen is from the ARC396 software, and shows how to correctly program the [ Washington DC Police] system, which requires 2 base frequencies and offsets.
* Programming an UHF system requires at least 1 base frequency and offset. An example is shown [[media:Arc396uhf.jpeg|here]]. This screen is from the ARC396 software, and shows how to correctly program the [ Washington DC Police] system, which requires 2 base frequencies and offsets.

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Bearcat BCD396XT digital Trunktracker IV
BCD396XT Backlight Choices

Uniden's APCO-25 Capable portable Trunktracker scanner with Dynamic Memory Architecture.



  • Channels: 25,000 maximum
  • Systems: 500 maximum
  • Groups per system: 20 maximum
  • Talkgroups per trunked system: 500 maximum
  • Channels per conventional system: 1000 maximum
  • Scan Rate: 100 channels per second (conventional mode)
  • System Quick Key range: 0-99
  • Group Quick Key range: 0-9
  • Custom Search Ranges: 10
  • Startup Keys: 10
  • System Number Tagging: 999
  • Channel Number Tagging: 999
  • Preprogrammed Service Search Bands: 12

Frequency Coverage

  • 25.0000 - 512.0000 MHz
  • 763.0000 - 775.9875 MHz
  • 793.0000 - 823.9875 MHz
  • 849.0125 - 868.9875 MHz
  • 894.0125 - 960.0000 MHz
  • 1240.0000 - 1300.0000 MHz

Power Requirements


Bold features are newly added in this model over the BCD396T.

  • Rebanding supported? YES
  • APCO25 Digital Audio decoding
  • Support for P25 Conventional channels that include NAC and TGID user differentiation (P25 One-Frequency Trunk)
  • Adaptive Digital Threshold - Automatically sets the digital decode threshold for APCO 25 systems
  • TrunkTracker IV with Control-Channel Only scanning and I-Call monitoring
  • EDACS ESK support
  • Control Channel Data Output – allows the analysis of control channel data without the need to perform invasive modifications to the scanner
  • Close Call
  • Close Call Temporary Store
  • GPS Support for location-based scanning, location alerts, and crows-flight navigation
  • Independent GPS Control of Sites and Channel Groups
  • Supported step sizes: 5, 6.25, 7.5, 8.33, 10, 12.5,15, 20, 25, 50 or 100 kHz
  • Fire Tone Out Alert
  • Fire Tone Out Search - built-in frequency counter displays the received tones.
  • Band Scope - gives a graphic representation of signal activity.
  • Multi-color display backlight
  • Motorola Control Channel Only trunking
  • Multi-Site support
  • DCS/CTCSS Rapid Decode
  • NAC decoding
  • Ability to flag a channel as Digital, Analog, or All
  • Temporary Lockout
  • Startup Configuration
  • System / Channel Number Tagging - provides rapid access to a specific system or channel.
  • Scan and (selected) Service Search simultaneously
  • Frequency/ID AutoStore - automatically store frequencies from a service or limit search into a conventional system or store talk group IDs into a trunked system
  • 16 character text tagging for each system, group, channel, taklgroup, search range, and SAME group
  • Compatible with BC-RH96 Remote Head
  • Analog and Digital AGC
  • Quick Search
  • Individual channel volume offset
  • Intermediate Frequency Exchange - changes the IF used for a selected frequency to help avoid image and other mixer-product interference on a frequency.
  • Key Safe Mode - lets you hand the scanner to a novice user and prevent programming from being modified.
  • Private Systems - lets you flag a system so that it cannot be read out of the scanner or modified.
  • 12 Service Searches - Public Safety, News, HAM Radio, Marine, Railroad, Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS, Racing, FM Broadcast, and Special (Itinerant)
  • Custom Search — lets you program up to 10 search ranges
  • SAME Weather Alert
  • Weather Priority
  • Priority Scan with Priority Plus
  • Priority ID Scan on trunked systems
  • Preemptive Priority on Motorola analog systems
  • Quick-Access Search Keys
  • Negative Channel dropout delay (forced resume)
  • Signal Strength display
  • Battery level display
  • LCD and Keypad Backlight
  • Adjustable (0-5 sec) scan delay
  • Adjustable Hold (scan duration 0-255 sec) per system, custom or service search
  • Strong signal attenuation
  • Upgradeadable firmware
  • Channel Alert
  • Independent Alert Tone Volume – lets you set the volume level of the following tones: Key Beep, Emergency Alert, Channel Alert, and Close Call Alert.
  • Repeater Reverse
  • Broadcast signal ignore while searching (TV and radio station frequencies, pagers, etc)
  • Duplicate Channel Alert
  • Key Lock
  • PC Programming and Control
  • Wired Cloning
  • Battery saver
  • Antenna Connector: SMA

RR System Compatibility

This scanner is compatible with the following Trunking System Types and System Voices used in the RadioReference Database, of course you must verify that the scanner will cover the appropriate frequency range:

  • System Types:
    • Motorola Type I
    • Motorola Type II
    • Motorola Type IIi Hybrid
    • Motorola Type II Smartnet
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone
    • Motorola Type II Smartzone Omnilink
    • Motorola Type II VOC
    • EDACS Standard (Wide)
    • EDACS Standard Networked
    • EDACS Narrowband (Narrow)
    • EDACS Narrowband Networked
    • EDACS ESK (not ProVoice)
    • LTR Standard
    • Project 25 Standard
  • System Voices:
    • Analog
    • Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
    • APCO-25 Common Air Interface Exclusive


Reviews and User Opinions

Improvements Desired

This is great! I just have one request. I need more custom search banks. With all the different bands that I want to set up with some being conventional and some being trunked, it would be great to have 20 banks. It is the only item I run across when I travel that I would really love...other than the new ones listed above. Paul O. More custom banks please!! Thanks! Bill

Hardware: A discriminator tap would be very useful, there is plenty of legal signals to receive that require a discriminator tap. An IF tap would be welcome for I/Q demod. Bluetooth audio for using a Bluetooth headset. Dimmable backlight

Firmware: Display Group Quick Key description when activating and deactivating a group for 1 second. VFO mode: Thank you, Tom

Would it be possible to:

  • Support the shortwave (<25 MHz) band?
  • Support FM SCA? (This could probably be done in the software, to make things easier, the user could program in the SCA frequency in the same portion where a D/PL would usually go and the scanner could pick up on this and tune to that location)
  • Allow a "Tune" function like those in some of the RS scanners so that an individual frequency could be tuned to without needing to program it in? (This would also be useful in conjunction with the control channel output function)
  • Support the decoding of text messaging sent across P25 channels?
  • I know that the SCA and the decoding of text messages could be done by ourselves if you would give us standard discriminator audio output. So you could probably scratch the both of those in place of discriminator audio.

--Thanks, Shell

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