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BearTracker Warning System with 800 MHz TrunkTracker III

General Specifications

  • Rebanding supported? YES
  • Frequency Coverage
    • 25-54
    • 108-174
    • 400-512
    • 806-956 (excluding cellular)
  • TrunkTracker III with Control-Channel Only scanning
  • 250 User Programmable Memories in 5 banks of 50 each
  • 100 ch/sec Scan Speed (max)
  • BearTracker Warning System - Alerts you to activity on Highway Patrol link frequencies to let you know if there is activity within about 3 miles of your location.
  • Preprogrammed Highway Patrol Frequencies by State - Helps you to quickly find frequencies likely to be active where you are.
  • 5 scanlist of 10 ID's each per bank
  • 5 Priority channels with Priority Scan
  • Priority IDs
  • Motorola Control Channel only trunking
  • Motorola Status Bits
  • 9 Preprogrammed Service Searchs - Makes finding interesting active frequencies even easier.
  • 13 Search bands
  • Search Lockouts - Lets you lock out frequencies that have continuous or uninteresting communications so that searching is faster.
  • Backlit Display - At the push of a button, our unique luminescent LCD screen is backlit so messages are easily read in low-light situations
  • Data skip
  • PC interface/cloning

Owner's Manual


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