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== Related Pages ==
== Related Pages ==
* [ Easier to Read BR330T Manual](under construction)
== eBay Listings ==
== eBay Listings ==

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Product Features:

  • 100 kHz - 1.3 GHz reception
  • The owner's manual (PDF) may be downloaded here

Includes all bands and frequencies excluding only the cellular frequencies. This includes AM Broadcast, shortwave broadcast, CB (AM mode only), amateur radio (AM, FM, NFM), all TV broadcast channels (including the 512-800 MHz range never before covered in a trunking scanner) and of course all the popular public safety, business, racing, and general use frequencies.

  • Close Call(tm) RF Capture Technology -- operates in the 25 MHz - 956 MHz band to quickly detect and tune to nearby transmissions.
  • Broadcast and Pager Screen -- prevents hits from these strong continuous signal sources.
  • Fire Tone Out
  • Race Track Operation
  • 2500 Dynamically Allocated Channels with 99 Quick Keys
  • Alpha-tags do not effect the size of dynamic memory.
  • A DC power plug can be found here
    • Use Adaptaplug B for the radio connection

Beyond this, the BR330T includes all of the non-digital features of the BCD396T and all of the Racing features of the SC230. The BR330T shares case styling with the BCD396T (but with amber backlighting for the display and keypad)

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