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bcTool was developed out of a need for a quick, stable and reliable piece of software which did not cost anything, had solid remote control of the scanner, had simple, easy to use programming and had some extremely advanced logging and control options. As a result bcTool is on the way to becoming a must in every Uniden owners toolkit!

bcTool is developed by Rob Parker, and tested by tens of people every day in our Yahoo! Group. There is a quick development turnaround, with new beta versions being made available on a daily (and sometimes more often for serious problems) basis.

So far, hundreds of hours of development time have been spent on developing bcTool.


  • Full remote control of scanner including macro feature
  • Full programming and editing of scanner memory
  • Automatic logging, recording and monitoring of active channels
  • Ability to configure radio settings
  • Import from .csv, .mem, .usd etc.

Please join the Yahoo! group to monitor development.

Compatible Uniden Radios

Support is currently being developed for the following radios and should be available shortly: