Benzie County (MI)

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Benzie County Public Safety

Benzie County Fire/EMS Info

There are 6 fire departments and 3 EMS departments in Benzie County, Station 1-9. Stations 2 and 3 and County EMS station, which are always manned. All other departments are part-time and volunteers. All personnel check in to central dispatch when responding to their station during a call using their POV unit names. Example of a POV unit name: 15-73. To identify what station this POV belongs to/is responding to you look at the first two digits. If the first two digits are 15, the POV is responding to Station 5.


15-73 = Station 5

17-21 = Station 7

19-56 = Station 9

This rule applies to all stations.

To determine the type of responding POV, you look at the latter two digits

Going back to the 15-73 example, the '73' indicates that this POV is a firefighter.

-01 through -10 means that the responding POV is a fire-officer Ex. 14-03

-11 through -19 means that the responding POV is a fire-medic Ex. 16-13

-20 through -99 means that the responding POV is a firefighter Ex. 15-73

This rule applies to all stations except for station 1. All POVs with the prefix 11- are medics Ex. 11-43

Station - Department - Address - Township

Station 1 - Thompsonville EMS - 14714 Lincoln Ave - Weldon Twp

Station 2 - Benzonia EMS - 448 Court Pl - Benzonia Twp

Station 3 - Frankfort-Area EMS- 120 Park Ave - Crystal Lake Twp

Station 4 - Frankfort-Area FD - 1223 James St - Crystal Lake Twp

Station 5 - Benzonia Twp FD - 1020 Michigan Ave - Benzonia Twp

Station 6 - Homestead Twp FD - 11508 Honor Hwy - Homestead Twp

Station 7 - Almira Twp EMS/FD - 7272 Ole White Dr - Almira Twp

Station 8 - Thompsonville FD - 14714 Lincoln Ave - Weldon Twp

Station 9 - Inland Twp FD - 19668 Honor Hwy - Inland Twp

Station 1 and Station 8 are located in the same building but are manned by different personnel.

Benzie County Radio Info

Because of the county's small size (the smallest in the state), the radio service used for fire and EMS is fairly simple. Almost all operations and dispatch are done on 154.92MHz. Frankfort Fire Department's tactical channel is 158.775MHz, which is not used very often. Almira Station 7 uses 159.21MHz fairly often as a tactical channel, but unless you live in the Lake Ann area, it is very static-y and hard to pick up. For larger operations like structure fires and major car accidents, most departments will switch to one of the county's 3 firegrounds, which are P25 frequencies.

Benzie County P25 Info

Benzie County's law enforcement has fully migrated to the Michigan's Public Safety Communications System (MPSCS).

The county uses 3 different sites.

Site frequencies can be found by following these links:

The main one used in the county is located on Zimmerman Rd at 44.641308, -86.016659

Another Site used within the county is in Inland Twp at 44.64250, -85.82369

The final site used in the county is located in Frankfort at 44.63608, -86.24081

The Talkgroup IDs (TGIDs) used in the county are as follows

65535 - PD TAC


4335 - FD/EMS


5534 - EMS TAC