BlueTail Technologies P25RX

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Welcome to the P25RX receiver by BlueTail Technologies wiki page. This is a stand alone receiver that incorporates Bluetooth(TM) audio support. The web page for this receiver can be found here. A newer version of this radio is now available. See the Blue Tail Technologies P25RX-II article for more information.

This radio is discussed in the Blue Tail Technologies forum.

RR System Compatibility

  • ACARS as a single channel monitor

System Types

  • APCO Project 25 Phases I and II, TDMA and FDMA CC
  • DMR
  • NXDN 4800 voice channels (as of version 2021-01-08_1810 firmware)

Frequency Coverage

  • 130-245 Mhz
  • 256-327 Mhz
  • 380-490 Mhz
  • 763-824 Mhz
  • 849-869 Mhz
  • 894-960 Mhz

Web Pages

Running P25RX on Other Platforms

P25RX Display Projects


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