Bond County (IL)

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Bond County Government

Bond County 911 / ETSB

Agencies Dispatched

  • Keysport First Responders/Fire, Greenville Fire, Mulberry Grove Fire/First Responders, Pocohantas-Old Ripley Ambulance, Pocahontas-Old Ripley Fire, Pocahontas-Old Ripley Ambulance, Shoal Creek Fire Panama (Montgomery Co)

Bond County Sheriff's Department

  • 155.01 NAC 162 Phase 1 - TG=1, RIDs: 100 (Dispatch), 5 (unit), 8 (unit), 10, 32
  • NOTE: 155.01 NAC 162 Repeater is very strong powered across the surrounding areas.

License plates are "S 3-xx", identified as "Sam 3-xx" (heard: 3-1,3-11)

155.01000  KSD589  BM 131.8 PL Bond Sheriff  Sheriff: Dispatch [F-1]   
453.16250  WPPC529  F 311 DPL Bond SD RF1  Sheriff: Remote Links
-----------heard Law 3/12/09 at 127 & 143
453.41250  WPPC529  F  Bond SD RF2  Sheriff: Remote Links    
453.48750  WPPC529  F  Bond SD RF3  Sheriff: Remote Links    
458.16250  WPPC529  F  Bond SD RF4  Sheriff: Remote Links   
458.41250  WPPC529  F  Bond SD RF4  Sheriff: Remote Links    
458.48750  WPPC529  F  Bond SD RF5  Sheriff: Remote Links 
155.05500  WPPC529  F  Bond SD RF1  Sheriff: Remote Links

These remote links are also associated with KNAD257, EMS frequencies

  • 159.15 Mobiles formerly on KSD589, Deleted


Bond County Public Safety Pager Tones

Bond County EMS 151.775 349.0 / 443.7 QCII
Beckemeyer First Responders 154.19 600.9 / 634.5 QCII
Breese Fire 154.19 746.8 / 707.3 QCII
Greenville Fire 154.19 long 346.7? QCI?
Pocohontas-Old Ripley Fire 154.19 457.9 / 483.5 QCII

Pierron Fire Department

  • (also serves Madison County)

Keyesport Fire Protection District

  • EMS provided by Bond County EMS

New Douglas

  • Located mostly in Madison County, EMS by Staunton Ambulance (Macoupin Co)

Pocahontas-Old Ripley Fire District and EMS

  • Ambulance Service (ALS)

Shoal Creek Fire Protection District

  • Serves Panama/Sorento/Donnelson and part of Montgomery County

Sorento (Village)

  • EMS Provided by Bond County EMS (backup by Staunton EMS)
  • Fire Provided by Shoal Creek FPD